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Who is Kira Mengistu? 'The Bachelor' contestant holding three degrees

“At the end of the day, all I want is a man to look at me the way I look at French fries.”

Kira Mengistu

Season 26 of ‘The Bachelor’ is finally here and fans couldn’t be more excited for a whole new showdown of love, drama and heartbreak.

On Monday we met the new Bachelor Clayton Echard, as well as 31 other beautiful women all playing for his heart. Out of the 31 gorgeous girls, some made more of an impression than others.

If showing up in a lab coat with nothing on underneath but red lingerie doesn’t make an impression, then we don’t know what will. So let’s meet the sultry bombshell Kira Mengistu, who did just that…

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The Bachelor | Full Trailer

The Bachelor | Full Trailer

The Bachelor: Meet Kira

After her impactful and memorable entrance to the show on Monday night, fans all over have all been asking the same question… Who is Kira?

Although some of the other contestants questioned her for having a “sexy” entrance, there’s no need to judge a book by its cover. Kira is a successful physician, career go-getter and highly intelligent woman.

The 32-year-old Philadelphia-born beauty is not only stunning, she is fiercely sharp and bright. Holding not one but three Bachelor level degrees in science-related fields.

Kira obtained her bachelors from Ivy League school, Harvard, her MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, and her medical degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. We weren’t joking when we said she was smart, guys.

Despite her success in her career, Kira is still unsatisfied with her love life and has decided to put work on hold so that she can, hopefully, meet the man of her dreams.

Kira says she is looking for a mature man to excite and inspire her and is always up to try new things.

Ricky Middlesworth/ABC via Getty Images

Interesting facts about Kira

One interesting fact about Kira may be that she is self-taught in the understanding and writing of Hieroglyphics.

Having been obsessed with Egyptian culture from a young age, one of Kira’s biggest flexes is her ability to understand the ancient language.

Kira also has another obsession… Nachos. Kira is a self-proclaimed triangle-shaped crisp lover and who can blame her?! Everyone loves the deliciously simple and delectable snack.

Where is Kira Mengistu since filming?

Though the show has just aired and we are yet to know the fate of The Bachelor star, we had a quick scroll down her Instagram account to see what Kira is getting up to now.

Having major success in her life and having finished filming the show it seems Kira is expanding her horizons. The multi-faceted beauty has recently become a student pilot and cocktail enthusiast, teaching herself the art of mixology.

Kira is also an avid traveller, it’s clear to see from her Instagram account that one of her favourite activities is to travel. Photos showed Kira in stunning locations such as Greece and Guatemala.

Although there have been rumours from spoiler expert ‘Reality Steve’ that Kira, unfortunately, isn’t the one for Clayton, it’s clear to see why she is already one of the fan favourites.



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