As a new season of Summer House lands on Bravo, fans have been introduced to OG – and some new – cast members. One of the three newbies is Mya Allen, who has already made a favorable impact on fans.

We did some digging and found all the juicy details about Mya’s background, so let’s take a look. From her cookie business to ex-fiance, Reality Titbit has covered it below.

Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo

Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo
left – Mya Allen, screenshot from official Bravo Youtube trailer

Who is Summer House’s Mya Allen?

Mya is a woman of many talents, being a chef, company owner and blog site owner, Mya has her fingers in all the pies. She is a restaurant consultant and successful chef, who also has her own cookie business in New York City.

According to her LinkedIn profile, before moving to New York City she lived in Washington D.C where she worked in the corporate side of the food and drink industry.

Mya currently lives in New York City and is working as a freelance private chef with the company, WoodSpoon. The company make homemade meals and deliver them directly to your door.

When Mya isn’t busy making delicious meals she is focussing on her other work, her cookie company, The Knead.

The Bravo star started the company as a blog site during 2020 and much like many people, decided to turn it into a business when the pandemic hit. The Knead has taken off to a phenomenal start and is continuing to grow.

Check out Mya’s official Instagram here!

Mya was previously engaged

Not only did she set up a business during quarantine, but she also made some other pretty huge self-realizations.

During the pandemic, the chef realised she no longer wanted to be with her fiance, Kwuame Onwuachi, hence her decision to try something new, and where better than the Summer House?!

Fans were surprised to find out the chef was married to another cooking fanatic. Kwame was featured as a contestant previously on Bravo’s cooking show Top Chef.

He did well during the competition and continued to work in pop-up restaurants across the country, which is where he originally met Mya.

The reason for their split is yet to be disclosed but fans are hoping more will be revealed as the new season of Summer House continues.

Who are the Summer House Season 6 newcomers?

Aside from Mya Allen, Summer House Season 6 brings us two other newcomers for us to feast our eyes upon.

Alex Wach is one of the new cast members. Originally from Hong Kong, Wach lives in New York City and has done since the age of 12.

According to Bravo, he is a fitness instructor but is ready to throw his professionalism aside for the new season.

The new season also introduces us to Andrea Denver. Some Bravo fans may recognise him from his previous appearance in Winter House.

Andrea is a professional model and actor and has appeared in several music videos, including ones for Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez.



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