Who is Porsha Williams’ sister Lauren’s boyfriend?

Who is Porsha Williams' sister Lauren's boyfriend?

Porsha Williams allows RHOA fans to gain insight into her family life, including sister Lauren. She appears to have a new beau in her life, so we done some digging to get to know him.

She is best known for sharing her story on Real Housewives of Atlanta, but her new Sunday show takes cameras into her home to meet her fiance Simon, siblings, aunts and other members of the family.

Since Episode 2, viewers have been scrambling to find out who her sister Lauren’s boyfriend is. We have all you need to know about her beau Nate below…

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta | Porsha’s Family Matters Trailer | Bravo

The Real Housewives of Atlanta | Porsha’s Family Matters Trailer | Bravo

Who is Porsha’s sister Lauren Williams?

Lauren is a 33-year-old meditation teacher, host, entrepreneur and mother.

Porsha’s sister is also the businesswoman behind face mask company Real Life Snacks and Go Naked Hair, the latter of which the sisterly duo run together.

She is a mother to young daughter Bayleigh, who she gave birth to in 2016. The father of her child is called Vernon.

Porsha is six years older than Lauren, who has told her sister and mother Diane that they have played a “pivotal role” while going through things in her life.

RHOA: Meet Lauren’s boyfriend

Lauren is in a relationship with Nate Patterson, a film and TV assistant director.

The Atlanta-based entertainment crew member has worked on several films, including Ant Man and Passengers!

Calling himself a “retired child” in his Instagram bio, Nate is passionate about movies, travel and lifestyle.

Lauren’s boyfriend, who has a daughter called Nevaeh, is often seen hanging out with loved ones, and recently took his family out for an all-inclusive vacation out of the country.

Lauren and Nate’s relationship explored

Lauren and Nate have been together since May 2020. She went public about their relationship by saying they had been with each other for three months every single day.

Claiming she misses him when she’s away for an hour, they often match accessories on purpose!

They recently done a 25-minute meditation together, so it looks like Nate is open to Lauren’s passion.

Having been together for over a year, Lauren has described him as her “safe space“. They often go out on shopping trips and restaurant date nights.



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