A season 10 episode of Below Deck welcomes a group of fitness enthusiasts, including a Mr Olympia winner, so who exactly is he? Meet Dexter.

Below Deck has hosted the rich and the famous: from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey to the recent adult entertainers on the Down Under spinoff. The latest celebrity charter guest that has caught fans’ attention – and a Deckie – is a professional bodybuilder.

Here’s what we know about him.

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Below Deck worker can’t help but fanboy over Mr Olympia charter guest

The guests of Below Deck season 10 episode 17 had the staff intimidated from the get-go with their large muscular physiques and stern expressions. Chief steward Fraser Olender was among the most concerned: “God, they look like they’re going to kill us,” he whispered.

But his concerns were soon wiped away with their guests’ friendly greetings.

Boarding on at Rodney Bay Marina, St Lucia, the primary charter clients were Jolynn and Keith, who were joined by four other friends.

It wasn’t before long when Bravo fans were introduced to bodybuilder Dexter Jackson, the Mr Olympia 2008 winner, after Tony Duarte couldn’t help but fanboy over the notable fitness figure.

“I’m super stoked that I have such a legend in the boat,” the deckhand said as he hooked Jackson’s hand. “Mr Olympia and then five times Arnold Classic, isn’t it? That’s so cool.”

He continued: “The amount of sacrifice, discipline, hard work that that man has gone through. You don’t get like that by taking s***, and I respect that big time.”

Elsewhere, Fraser was equally impressed after two female guests revealed he was “the most winning bodybuilder in history.”

Dexter Jackson’s bodybuilding achievements are jaw-dropping

Born on November 25, 1969, Dexter “The Blade” Jackson is a retired International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness (IFBB) bodybuilder from Jacksonville, Florida.

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The 53-year-old is best known as Mr Olympia 2008 and a five-time Arnold Classic winner. Arnold Classic is the bodybuilding event at the annual Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival, in which Jackson took the crown in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2013, and 2015. His second-place achievement at the Mr Olympia 2015 proved that age is just a number: he was 45 years old at the time. He retired after the 2020 competition.

With 29 wins under his belt, Jackson has the most professional men’s bodybuilding titles. He has participated in over 90 competitions.

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