The house featured on Summer House has become iconic to Bravo lovers all over the world.

Season 6 of Summer House is currently airing on Bravo, with all the latest drama and mayhem from our favourite group of friends. The close circle live together in a house in The Hamptons on the weekends, so they can wind down from the stress in their professional lives.

The cast has lived in numerous houses throughout the seasons, but the season 6 house is something special. Reality Titbit has found out everything you need to know about the iconic house, including the location, who owns the Summer House and whether the cast pays rent…

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Who owns the Summer House?

Summer House’s most luxurious pad yet is owned by Du-Car Management Co LLC. The property is located at 2136 Deerfield Road and is 6,500-square-foot.

So why is this the best home yet? Well, inside the $5 million house is a brand new kitchen, movie theatre, accompanied by a freeform pool, hot tub, sun deck, outside bar and a pool house outside. The house is perfect for the mayhem which goes down every weekend in The Hamptons.

During an episode during season 6 of Summer House, viewers see Cooke and Batula luck out on the master bedroom of the home, and Cooke refers to the closet as a “$1 million closet” – which now we know he certainly isn’t exaggerating about.

Do the cast pay rent for the Summer House?

There’s been one thing on viewers’ minds since the start of Summer House, do they have to pay rent on the lavish homes they live in?

Reality Titbit can confirm that the cast of Summer House does not pay the full rent. Stephen McGee confirmed this in an interview with Kate Casey for her Reality Life podcast.

Stephen said on the podcast:

“We do have financial risks in the show. We do not have everything paid for. I do not do a share that would have cost me $20,000 every summer. With the show and all the obligations that come producing a show, we needed to have a bigger house. Even though the house is big and you see all of our rooms, there’s rooms that were used for storage, production, and cameras. We weren’t paying extra for those spaces to give them room to produce the show.”

The secrets of Summer House

Bravo has released some inside scoop into what it is really like living in the house, as the producers have let loose some Summer House secrets.

They revealed that the luxury home is rarely clean, especially when all the cast members are there. However, they said that Carl always helps clean up as they leave by taking out the trash.

Although they don’t have to pay rent in the house, the cast members are reminded to respect the property and equipment needed for filming the show. The producers have said that Hannah has been warned with fine multiple times for jumping in the pool with her mic on.



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