When former Below Deck star Kelley Johnson was brought up again in conversation, viewers were instantly taken back to a particular selfie.

Despite him leaving in season 4, he has left quite the memorable image in viewers’ minds ever since, which done the rounds on Twitter.

A picture of Kelley with his full-on junk out showed he really had nothing to hide, leaked amid his romance with deckhand Jennice Ontiveros.

We explain why Bravo fans are suddenly talking about his you know what again, and if you never saw the pic… well, reactions speak for themselves.

Below Deck | Season 9 First Look | Bravo

Below Deck | Season 9 First Look | Bravo

What is the ‘mirror pic’ by Kelley?

The picture quite simply shows Kelley taking a mid-length picture (up to the bottom of his thighs) of himself with his top off.

There are two pictures circulating: one showing his abs – something we’ve all seen before (below) – and another with his full piece out.

The explicit picture looks to have been taken in the comfort of his own home, while the more covered-up one was in a public bathroom. As you do.

Let’s just say that fan reactions to the leaked images say it all. It wasn’t kept top secret, as the entire scenario was discussed on WWHL and Below Deck.

Kelley looks pretty straight-faced and chill in both pictures, and basically uncovered the one part that he usually keeps hidden in front of cameras.

Why the pic makes fans hit the Deck

Okay, so fans are obviously not literally hitting the Deck. However, it goes without saying that the picture itself is quite shocking.

To put it simply, most fans did not expect to see such a full-on package.

Usually, if a celebrities’ parts are leaked, it was cleverly taken in such a way that whoever found it may have some imagination left to play with.

While some fans are sharing suggestively hungry memes, or cringing at the memory, it doesn’t appear as if anyone is complaining about the picture.

In fact, Below Deck viewers everywhere are praising the person who leaked the photo of Kelley’s junk. One person even described it as a “nice size”.

Just take a look at the comments underneath this WWHL video.

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Who spread Kelley’s picture?

Kelley claimed that Jennice, who he was romantically linked to when the picture circulated, and Kate Chastain were the ones to spread the picture.

He told Andy Cohen: “Remember when my n*de photo was linked? [Andy replied with “Yeah”]. Yeah, these were the two that spread it.”

During the reunion, he accused the two of being the ones to leak the image. However, Kate denied it, saying she woke up and saw it there on Twitter.

Jennice also denied the accusations, before the conversation moved on to her relationship with Kelley and how “deep their connection was”.

Despite his clear frustration with the image being spread, some viewers claim he took the picture “for a reason”.



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