Why did D'Andra change her name? Truth behind RHOD star's decision!

The Real Housewives of Dallas season 5 reunion has come to a close, where D’Andra defended her name change. We explored her decision.

D’Andra Simmons is one of several glamorous women who feature both their personal and professional livelihoods on the Bravo series.

The second part of the reunion is sure to reveal some secrets, from Tiffany and Kameron’s spar over chicken feet, and Brandi’s unexpected pregnancy.

Another part of the episode will see D’Andra talk about new facts, relating to the battle over her inheritance. So, why did she change her last name?

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What did D’Andra change her name to?

  • D’Andra changed her last name from Callaway to Simmons

D’Andra decided to make her last name the same as her stepfather Glenn, whose full name is Glenn Simmons.

The Simmons trademark name is a very “important” name, according to D’Andra, which is seen on a lot of buildings, medical centres, and more.

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She revealed back in season two that Glenn, who she refers to as her father, and his brother were self-made millionaires.

Why did D’Andra change her last name?

  • She revealed it was because her stepfather took care of her

D’Andra was seen confronting her mother about family rumors during a RHOD episode, where she revealed the real reason behind her decision.

Friend of the RHOD friendship group Jennifer Davis questioned why her last name is Simmons, if her stepfather is called Glen Simmons.

D’Andra’s mother Dee accused her daughter of changing her last name so that it would benefit her financially, which was denied by the RHOA star.

Two years later, she opened up to Andy Cohen about her biological father, who she claims was an alcoholic who committed suicide.

D’Andra added:

My father committed suicide in a drunken rage, so it’s really upsetting for me to have that conversation. He was always an alcoholic. I grew up with an alcoholic father. That for me is a sensitive topic.

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When did D’Andra change her name?

  • D’Andra changed her name when she was 18 years old

D’Andra said that she and her biological father had become “estranged” by the time she was a teenager.

She was moving in and out of his house before she ended up leaving at age 15 to live with Mama Dee and Glenn.

D’Andra revealed when she made the decision on an Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino interview. She said:

When I changed my name, I believe I was 18 years old, and I didn’t really know the power of that name in Dallas, because at 18, I was chasing boys, I was kind of a rebel, I was thinking about college and leaving home.



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