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Why does Below Deck's Chelsea have her jaw wired shut?

Chelsea Gonella rolled up to the Below Deck yacht alongside Michael Gonella, and became the charter guests of the December 20th episode. Many are wondering why Chelsea has her jaw wired shut.

The Bravo reality series follows a group of crew members as they try to navigate a five-star service to clients. The latest was Chelsea and Michael Gonella, who caused quite the stir on the boat.

We found out the reason behind why Chelsea’s jaw was wired shut, and looked at reactions to the episode.

Below Deck | Season 9 First Look | Bravo

Below Deck | Season 9 First Look | Bravo

Who is Chelsea Gonella?

Chelsea is a charter guest on Below Deck from San Francisco. She works as a yoga instructor.

She is married to husband Michael Gonella, and went aboard the yacht to celebrate her birthday with her girlfriends.

Michael works in digital experience software, and they have a dog called Enzo together.

As her jaw is wired shut, her friend Rachel blends regular meals for her to be able to eat, and all food items were requested to be pureed and strained for Chelsea.

The Bravo star regular also runs vinyasa yoga classes during her working hours.

Below Deck: Why is Chelsea’s jaw wired shut?

Chelsea had a biking accident shortly before the yacht trip. She was riding her bike which left her with a mouth injury.

She was then put on a liquid diet until her mouth healed, after doctors wired it shut during her recovery.

During her yacht vacation, she wanted all the meals that other guests were eating also in a pureed form. As it took some time for chef Rachel Hargrove to puree the lobster, Chelsea grew hungry and had a meltdown.

She then compared waiting for her meal to a homeless person walking by a restaurant.

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Reactions to Chelsea’s time aboard

During the December 20th episode, many viewers had their own opinions about the charter. Looking at Twitter, several empathised with Chelsea when she appeared to be hungry.

Here are just a few reactions from those who tuned in:

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