Why Jeff Lewis and Heather Dubrow's friendship went totally t*ts up

Why Jeff Lewis and Heather Dubrow's friendship went totally t*ts up

Jeff Lewis was not holding back when he appeared on WWHL on December 12th. He ripped into RHOC star Heather Dubrow, reigniting the feud that never seems to end between her and Jeff.

His anger towards Heather was clear to see when he called her a “villain”, which left many viewers completely confused about exactly why Jeff has such a strong dislike for her.

Andy Cohen fired back by saying some viewers thought he didn’t treat Jenni Pulos right – which Jeff disagreed with – after he said Heather wasn’t a good person as he has “witnessed how she treats people”.

We’ve got the lowdown on exactly why their breast-sized feud began in the first place…

How Jeff and Heather’s friendship went t*ts up (literally)

Their feud all comes down to one dinner party which takes us back to 2016.

Jeff had accused Heather – who he has revealed is his least favorite housewife and recently described as the show “villain” – of acting rudely to waiting staff at Shannon Beador’s birthday party.

The RHOC star has since said that Jeff made critical comments about her face, body and breast size, as reported by the Daily Mail. She also claimed he told her husband Terry Dubrow that she needs to come clean about her plastic surgery.

Heather, who claimed she has not gone under the knife, added:

To be at a dinner party for my friend and have this man, sitting there, shaming me about the size of my breasts, and what I have and have not done to my face. It was so awful and disturbing to me, but I let it go.

He has recently said he thinks RHOC “needed a villain”, before adding that she is the “Cruella Devil of Orange County”. Four years before that, he described her as “pretentious, snobbish, condescending, bitchy” on WWHL.

Why does Jeff hate Heather Dubrow?

Jeff revealed he had not had a good start with Heather, when he thought she was rude to waiters at a party.

Claiming Heather is his least favorite housewife, he said on WWHL several years ago that he was sat opposite her, despite Heather’s denial that she wasn’t rude to waiting staff.

He said:

The one thing that gets me is when people are rude to the wait staff. I mean, I worked in a restaurant when I was in college. It was really obnoxious. It was really bad.

Ever since, Jeff has basically had it in for Heather, who had initially chosen to let the situation go. She had left the party and claimed he knew she was upset with him.

However, she then brought it up in a public Twitter feud, questioning why he disliked her so much. He stayed pretty schtum, but did respond with “Classy” to her comments.

Some viewers have guessed that Jeff may dislike Heather as they think he is similar to her, and perhaps they clash.

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Fans react to Jeff and Heather’s argument

Viewers have gone nuts after Jeff’s recent comments about Heather. Many have praised him for not holding back and basically being 100% brutally honest about his opinion.

Others with contrasting comments thought Heather was “too classy” for Jeff’s drama.

Here are just some reactions from RHOC fans:



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