Noella Bergener may be new to the RHOC scene, but the world of s*xual fantasies are surely not. From her s*x dungeon to talking about a stack of v***nas, she certainly doesn’t hold back on bedroom chat.

Her Bravo co-stars were shook when she dropped the phrase “stack of v***nas” into the mix. When Emily aske the newbie about something Dr. Jen told her, she wasn’t too shy to explain its definition.

So, if you’re as confused as us, we done some research into Noella’s new phrase, as well as took a peek or two into her s*x dungeon room. Cue the unusual findings – you’ll have stacks of knowledge by the end of this…

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Noella’s vagina-esque comment

Noella revealed on the February 9th 2022 episode that she had gifted her ex Sweet James a “stack of vaginas” for a birthday present. She explained that the bedroom chat referred to her own “s*xual fantasy”.

She went on to say she was on the bottom, while two other women in stockings created the rest of the stack. Despite being so open about it, Noella seemed pretty mad at Dr. Jen for bringing the entire thing up.

Noella also showed a photo of it – the stack of vaginas – in the favorites folder on her phone.

What is a stack of vaginas?

Noella explained that a “stack of vaginas” is essentially people with vaginas stacked on top each other to form a ladder-like structure. They even recreated the idea on the show, as demonstrated by the Bravo star.

She claimed that for her ex-husband’s birthday, they made a vag sandwich, but that the sandwich was either all meat or all bun depending on how exactly you wish to use the stack.

However, despite Noella’s definition, many don’t even believe the “stack of vaginas” is a legitimate thing. She went on to say that a stack is two more than a pile and two less than a bundle.

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The RHOC star’s dungeon

Noella even has a dungeon in her home. The red room is described by the RHOC star as the most popular area in the residency… however, she still claims the incredible view from her windows the best part of the whole house.

Featuring a swing, a collection of wigs and costumes, and a bed, the Bravo cast member admitted that it is the first room visitors want to see when they enter the building.

Feeling as though it’s important to “always have a playroom”, Noella told Bravo:

As you can imagine, this is the most popular room in the house. Whether you’re a kid, whether you’re adult, have one space in your house that just makes you feel like you can just have fun. I’m proud of it.



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