Big Brother 23: Who does Otev's voice? It is not Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Big Brother 23: Who does Otev's voice? It is not Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Big Brother 23 has brought back Otev, a character usually voiced by a celebrity guest. Fans have made their guesses for this year’s voice.

Amid houseguests trying to get the grand prize and win over their fellow contestants, the Otev competition took place on the August 19th episode.

It is a musical chairs-style competition played in rounds, with one person being eliminated each round until there is only one person left.

However, viewers were more intrigued about who voices Otev this year, as it sounds like a rather well-known actor might be behind the character…

Big Brother 23 Promo | Featuring the NEW Houseguests

Big Brother 23 Promo | Featuring the NEW Houseguests

Fan predictions: Otev’s voice

Looking through Twitter, it is clear that most guesses are going on Arnold Schwarzenegger – the most recent Republican governor of California.

Known for his acting roles, it would make complete sense if it was Arnold due to him being the 2021 governor, and Big Brother‘s hint.

However, a few fans have noticed Joe’s reactions to Otev this year, especially as he reacted to viewers guessing who voiced the character.

A fan laid all cards on the table, and just said: “Otev Schwarzenegger!”

Another wrote: “OTEV sounds like @Schwarzenegger#BigBrother.”

There were no other guesses made on Otev’s voice, with some fans claiming they “knew it” could be Arnold. But others outright said “it isn’t” Arnold.

One fan questioned why this year’s Otev looks a “little low budget“, which suggests perhaps producers spent more money on hiring the actor.

“Why Otev sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger???”, said another.

Who does Otev’s voice on Big Brother 23?

  • Voice actor Joe Gaudet

Although unconfirmed by Big Brother producers, they gave a big hint on a Twitter post which showed Otev’s voice in full steam.

It stated that “Otev should definitely run for governor”, which suggests that it could be Arnold due to his superhero franchise The Governator.

Rumor has it that Arnold Schwarzenegger is Otev’s voice, but one source claimed it is Joe Gaudet, who jokingly said he “can’t put his finger on it”.

The voice also sounds very much like Arnold, but it would be a big step for the CBS show, so fans almost cannot believe the rumors!

Looking through Joe’s profile, it is pretty clear that he is likely to have done the voiceover, who has been giving hints about Otev all over Twitter.

Who has done Otev’s voice on Big Brother?

  • Casey Turner and Gilbert Gottfried have voiced Otev before

It was during Big Brother 11 that formerly evicted houseguest Casey was the character’s voice, and during the 16th series, comedian Gilbert took part.

Alyssa Lopez won this year’s Otev competition.OTEV is a play on the word “veto”, as “OTEV” is “veto” backwards.

The voice of OTEV has occasionally been provided by a special guest before, and it looks like Big Brother have definitely gone and done it again!



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