Big Brother is back in 2023 with a brand new season and Izzy Gleicher is one of the season 25 players. A group of strangers are ready to do all they can to bag themselves a cash prize of $750,000. All it takes is for them to avoid eviction and remain in the BB25 house until the very end.

From clever alliances to clear-as-day deception, the Big Brother contestants have to think about every move they make in the house. Without any access to the outside world, their time in the house is spent under surveillance. Their lives are recorded 24 hours a day via 94 HD cameras and 113 microphones.

Izzy Gleicher poses smiling for Big Brother 25 promo shoot
Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Izzy joins Big Brother 25

Isabel Lepanto Gleicher, AKA Izzy Gleicher, is one of the 17 houseguests taking part in Big Brother season 25.

The CBS star hails from New York and is 32 years old.

Izzy is in a relationship with Paige Ellen Seber who is running her Instagram page while she’s in the BB25 house.

Find Izzy on IG at @isabellepantogleicher where she has over 3.4k followers.

What is Izzy’s job?

When she’s not being a reality TV star, Izzy is a professional flutist.

She is a part of a band called Wild Up and she also enjoys creating art.

Izzy is also on Team New York Aquatics. Her website states that she is a “composer, visual artist, and educator.”

She’s a BB fan-fave

Big Brother fans are flooding Izzy’s Instagram comments section as she continues on in the BB25 house.

Many have dubbed the contestant as “so funny,” while others are loving her friendship with Cirie Fields.

One person wrote on Instagram: “We want to see her on naked and afraid, survivor, americas next top model, america ninja warrior, the bold and the beautiful- WE WANT OUR GIRL BOOKED AND BUSY.”

Another commented: “Izzy for America’s Favorite Houseguest!”

More said that they are “obsessed” with Izzy this season.


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