Big Brother veto winner gets the power to remove one of the nominations from the Nomination Block. For the first time on BB25, a fan favorite was voted as the power of veto. So, who won the much-anticipated role?

The CBS reality series saw a line-up of contestants enter the Big Brother house. After just one week, the power of veto has been voted on, and just one lucky star was able to be given the role. We can reveal the veto winner.

Hisam Goueli and Shermona Mitchell present an award at  the ninth annual Gregory Awards, held at Marion Oliver McCaw Hall, Monday, Oct. 23, 2017. The awards show celebrates theater arts in the Seattle area. (Genna Martin,
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Big Brother veto winner: Spoilers

Hisam Goueli won the power of veto on Big Brother 25. He is the first in the season to receive the vote, which is mainly down to him becoming a fan favorite in the first week of the competition.

In his intro package to Big Brother 25, Hisam described himself as a “confident, gay, Arab, Muslim man who basically is in love with life.” The 45-year-old houseguest is a physician from Minneapolis.

Co-star Reilly Smedley targeted Kirsten Elwin for eviction due to her overplaying the game and starting rumors. Kirsten’s early eviction is a logical choice as she wasn’t originally nominated and lacks alliances.

Fans predict the winner’s choices

After finding out that Hisam secured the veto winner role for Big Brother 25, fans began to discuss who he would save from eviction. Reilly won the first HOH competition and had the role of un-nominating two of those nominees.

She chose to keep Jared and Cory safe and leave Felicia and Kirsten on the chopping block. Kirsten is the actual target, while Felicia was left as a pawn. Reilly believes that Hisam will stick with her plan and evict Kirsten.

One fan wrote: “These HOUSEGUESTS r a little too comfortable in this house…I need Hisam to shake da table and use that veto and take Kirsten down! #BB25#BigBrother.”

Another penned on Twitter: “Cirie to Jared- Before she (Reilly) told Izzy she threw it, I told Izzy she threw it. I’m about to tell Hisam by no means use that veto #BB25.”

“Yeah Hisam use that veto..make it happen #bigbrother25#bb25#bigbrother,” reacted a fellow viewer.

Big Brother 25
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What is the power of veto exactly?

The power of veto is won weekly in the competition, involving six houseguests: the Head of Household, two nominees, and three chosen ones. The Golden Power of Veto was the final Veto introduced at the end of Big Brother 3.

It has been used in every succeeding season. The Golden Power of Veto allowed the winner to remove one nominee off the Nomination Block if they so desired, including themselves.

Some contestants have used the power of veto to save themselves from eviction, such as Michael Bruner in the 2022 series. Bruner won his sixth Power of Veto competition on week nine of Season 24, with the most vetoes in the show.


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