Cameron Hardin is one of the 17 original HouseGuests appearing on Big Brother 25 in 2023. As the competition show heads into its fourth week on August 27, tensions are brewing in the house. Alliances are being made – the real and fake kind – and the HoH makes some controversial nominations.

While the CBS show’s contestants are het up over the eviction nominations, fans appear to be more interested in a “crush,” forming in the BB25 house. America Lopez dubbed Cameron “handsome,” during the show but also enjoyed a cuddle in a hammock with Cory Wurtenberger.

Big Brother 25 promo shot of Cameron Hardin wearing light burgundy top
Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Meet Big Brother’s Cameron Hardin

BB25’s Cameron Hardin is a stay-at-home dad who hails from Georgia.

He’s 34 years old and is an army veteran.

Cameron introduces himself on the show as the contestant “with the hair that don’t care.”

With over 1k followers, he’s on Instagram at @cameron.h.bb25.

Cameron is dubbed ‘handsome’

As Cameron, America, Cory, and co navigate the Big Brother house dynamics, viewers are confused over whether a “crush” has formed between two HouseGuests.

America called Cameron “handsome” during episode 11 and some fans were convinced that she has a “crush” on him.

However, America has been getting closer to Cory and fans are jumping to conclusions that the two have a “crush” on one another.

Fans are loving ‘Americory’

America, 27, and Cory, 21, appear to have formed a close connection during their time on BB25 so far.

The two spent some time cuddling on a hammock during episode 11.

Some viewers are here for their budding romance, tweeting: “Cory telling America his friends would love her, they really got me y’all.”

Another wrote: “America and Cory are cute as a couple!”

However, some tweeted that they don’t believe their bond is more than a “showmance.”

More suggested that Cory and America’s co-star, Cameron, “is clearly jealous” of the two.


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