Big Brother’s Luke used a racial slur, the n-word, and was expelled from the house for violating the ‘code of conduct’. The slur, which saw Valentine giggle and cover his mouth during the 24-hour CBS live feed have seen viewers label it “disrespectful.”

Luke Valentine thought he would be crowned Big Brother 25 champion “because I got the hunger to win at all costs.” However, his time on the show came to an end when he said the slur. He told his co-stars to “go to the cheese room” before using the word and correcting himself with “dude.”

Big Brother’s Luke uses the n-word

Big Brother
Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Big Brother’s Luke spoke the slur during a 24-hour live feed. “Luke violated the Big Brother code of conduct and there is zero tolerance in the house for using a racial slur,” CBS and series producers revealed.

During a conversation with three other housemates, Luke clearly used the racial slur but some viewers claim they couldn’t understand what he had said and begged producers to give him a warning.

Luke’s fellow houseguests stared at him in shock after he used it. The feed was streaming on Paramount+ on Tuesday night, which has since been removed from the platform.

He got kicked off BB25

The producers added that, as a result of using the racial slur, Luke has been removed from the Big Brother house. Valentine’s exit will be addressed on Thursday night’s episode (on August 10).

A video circulating social media shows the moment Luke messed up and tried to rectify the situation. After saying it, he covers his mouth, laughs, and tries to correct himself with the word “dude.” “I’m sorry,” he says laughing.

Luke planned to win the CBS show

Luke, like most of the Big Brother contestants, attempted to win the show and win over their fellow houseguests. He is an illustrator and also creates a webcomic called Splatterbrain, which has a large online following.

Before entering the house, he took commissions from people all over the world, such as Belgium and Saudi Arabia, and has done that for the last eight years. Luke admits there is “no money” in the job and is a “starving artist.”

He said that people assume he is a “big, dumb jock” before adding that he is “actually a nerd.” Luke has not spoken out since he was removed from the house but did reshare two Big Brother-related posts to his Instagram Story.


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