Brett DeLaura left new CBS dating show The Real Love Boat unexpectedly on October 12 due to illness, it has been revealed. 

The premise of the show is based on ABC’s romantic comedy drama series The Love Boat, which aired from 1977 to 1986.

During the episode of The Real Love Boat, no details of the illness were given and Brett’s sudden departure wasn’t fully explained. Let’s find out more.

The Real Love Boat
Photo by Sara Mally/CBS via Getty Images

Who is Brett DeLaura?

Brett DeLaura was one of 12 singles hoping to find love aboard the Regal Princess. Although many fans were introduced to him on The Real Love Boat, he is also a member of country-pop trio Holiday State. The group hails from Orange County, California, and consists of Brett and his brothers.

The DeLaura brothers are part native Hawaiian on their father’s side, which their band’s official website explains has been a major cultural influence on their music.

Hours before the second episode of the show aired, Brett posted an Instagram video telling viewers to tune in to see whether he and fellow contestant Brooke White would win the episode’s challenge to climb the rock of Gibraltar.

Brett had to leave the love boat because of illness

During The Real Love Boat, it was revealed Brett had to leave the show because he was unwell. The news upset a number of fans, with some claiming they were mostly watching the show because of Brett and might switch off now he’d gone.

In episode 2, the girls are told: “I wanted to let you know Brett is unwell and, unfortunately, he won’t be able to continue his adventure here on The Real Love Boat.”

Brooke, who Brett had formed a bond with, said she was “going to throw up” after hearing the news. And she wasn’t seasick! She added: “I have no clue what this means for me tonight but my intuition is this is the end. We had such a good day yesterday, this is my strongest connection.”

Some viewers are guessing Brett left because it was “too relationship-y,” while others claim he appears to have a cold on his latest Instagram video (see above). However, none of this speculation has been confirmed and Brett has yet to speak about his departure.

GRV Media has contacted Brett for comment.

How have The Real Love Boat Fans reacted?

Despite his short stint on the show, Brett was already starting to form a fanbase. Some viewers took to Instagram to express their dismay he had left so early using the hashtag #whathappenedtobrett.

One user wrote: “You were my fave and now you’re gone. Don’t think I’ll watch any more 😭.”

Another wrote: “Dude what happened? Bring Brett back!”

Others wished him well, with one user commenting: “So sad you had to leave. I hope you’re feeling better!”