Did Enzo win Big Brother, how many times was he a contestant?


Did Enzo win Big Brother, how many times was he a contestant?

Any viewers watching The Challenge: USA on Wednesday nights may be wondering if Enzo Palumbo won Big Brother and where he placed in the show. Let’s take a look at who Enzo is and how many times he was a house guest on Big Brother. He’s no stranger to reality TV at this point!

The Challenge: USA is a brand new spin-off series of the original MTV show. Kicking off on July 6th, 28 contestants from hit reality TV shows go head to head in all kinds of challenges in a bid to win a huge cash prize. TJ Lavin is still hosting and former cast members of Love Island, Survivor, The Amazing Race and more show’s are put through their paces.

Who is Enzo Palumbo?

The Challenge: USA contestant Enzo was born in New Jersey in 1978. He’s 44 years old and is one of the 28 cast members who are taking part in the first Challenge spin-off as he’s a former CBS reality star.

Enzo refers to himself as ‘The Meow Meow’.

Distractify explains that Enzo’s nickname came from a time when he went to hook up with a girl and she farted in his car: “In an effort to wave away the accusation from Enzo that she farted she said something to the tune of, ‘Whatever, meow meow meow'”. Enzo and his friends used it as an inside joke from then on.

Did Enzo win Big Brother?

Despite being super-competitive, Enzo didn’t manage to bag the top spot on Big Brother.

He first appeared on the CBS show when he was 32 and worked as an insurance adjuster.

Enzo came third on Big Brother 12 in 2010.

He later was a house guest on Big Brother 22, AKA Big Brother: All-Stars, and he did well again, and finished the show in second place. It was Cody Calafiore who won BB22 in 2020.

Enzo on The Challenge: USA

Given that Enzo is a seasoned Big Brother star, it makes sense that he would be cast for The Challenge: USA. He appeared on the 2022 show alongside fellow BB stars including David Alexander, Kyland Young, Derek Xiao, Angela Rummans and co.

The Challenge: USA contestant is playing for more than just himself on the show and there’s $500,000 up for grabs. Heavy reports that Enzo has two children, a daughter, Gia, and a son named Nico. He’s also divorced.

With over 58K followers on Instagram, find Enzo on IG @enzp_.



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