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The Amazing Race 33
Photo by Helmut Wechter/CBS via Getty Images

Dining at Amazing Race's Switzerland inn is peak of all accomplishments

The Amazing Race teams touched down in Switzerland as they attempt to win the grand cash prize. By jet-setting across the globe, only time will tell just who could win – but where did they stay?

From Raquel and Cayla, to Kim and Penn, there are only five teams that returned to the race after filming was halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With more chances to secure the win, they also get to visit multiple countries.

We done some digging to find out exactly where the CBS contestants stayed – and trekked across – in Switzerland.

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Photo by Helmut Wechter/CBS via Getty Images

The Amazing Race 33: Switzerland locations

When filming resumed for The Amazing Race 33, host Phil Keoghan kicked off the race in Switzerland. One of the peaks climbed by competing pairs was the Alstatten, a small historic town known for its mountain-biking trails.

It was where teams congratulated the end of the Switzerland race, but it all started by going up a mountain in Switzerland and taking chair lifts up 8,000 feet above sea level.

On the mountain, you can literally stand in one spot and see six countries: Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland. This location is called The Säntis, known as one of the most beautiful natural areas in Europe.

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You can get there by travelling from Switzerland from Lake Constance. After descending the mountain, contestants were told to get to a cosy inn, and we can reveal how to stay and eat there for yourself below.

You can stay at the SAME cosy inn

Racers were told to travel by car to Gasthaus Sonne, an inn in Switzerland. If you were wondering how to actually stay at the cosy Vörstetten hotel, you most definitely can.

Rated highly for cleanliness, guests can trek a mountain or two, before wining and dining in the hotel restaurant for some much-needed hot food. From holiday apartments for a longer stay or just a hotel room, the place has it all.

The restaurant, which has won several awards for its Franconian and Bavarian specialties, offers a wine or cold beer, as well as light, seasonal dishes for guests.

From wild boar, to homemade bread dumplings, the restaurant menu is likely to give diners that warm feeling after a long day of exercise. From November to Christmas, you can order an entire geese, or in July, do a wine or beer tasting.

And if you fancy just getting straight to the bed to have a nap, you can also stay at the inn, which comes with a shower or bath, TV, Wi-Fi connection (to upload those Instagram pics!) and comfy beds.

Cost of Switzerland locations on CBS show

Fancy seeing the views from The Santis without having to climb? If so, this will cost you around 53 Swiss Francs, which currently translates to around $57 to get up and down in a cable car.

Then, for £34 per person a night, you can stay at the same inn that The Amazing Race contestants visited for a clue. Overall, the average price of a 7-day trip to Switzerland is $1,642 for a solo traveler, according to Champion Traveler.

The cheapest time to head to the country is reportedly in mid-November.



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