Does second place win anything on Amazing Race? Prizes for season 32 explored

Does second place win anything on Amazing Race? Prizes for season 32 explored

As Amazing Race draws to a close, viewers are wondering whether the runner-up is awarded for their efforts. Here are the season 32 prizes!

The two teams in the 32nd season travelled against the clock from France, Germany, Kazakhstan, and Brazil, to name just a few places.

Viewers saw *spoiler alert* team Will and James be crowned for their quick trip to the Superdome in New Orleans.

But do the second place winners get a prize? Is it just the top winners that are awarded? Let’s find out…

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What do the winners of Amazing Race get?

  • $1 million

After trotting across the globe in a bid to win the CBS contest, the winning pair are given a big lump sump of money.

The three remaining teams go to New Orleans for the big finale.

Then, whoever races into the Superdome before the other two teams wins.

What does second place win on the show?

  • $25,000

While it’s only a small percentage of the winning team’s prize, they aren’t left short of money by ending the show as runners up.

The third place team win $10,000, while the first team to be eliminated are sent home with $1,500. So all participants leave with some cash!

For the 32nd season, married couple Hung and Chee placed second.

The Amazing Race: Prize list

For each leg of the competition, the winning teams get a prize.

Due to the CBS show’s nature, it’s usually paid-for trips to a new country.

Here’s a list of season 32’s prizes for each leg:

  • Trip for two to Switzerland – Hung and Chee, Leg 2
  • Trip for two to Bali – Will and James, Leg 3
  • $5,000 for each team member – Will and James, Leg 4
  • Trip for two to Vietnam – Riley and Maddison, Leg 5
  • $7,500 each – DeAngelo and Gary, Leg 6
  • Trip for two to Las Vegas – Will and James, Leg 7



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