Are Kyra and Will still together? Love Island 2021 couple update!

Are Kyra and Will still together? Love Island 2021 couple update!

Love Island USA fans are itching to know if runner-up couple Kyra and Will have remained together following the grand finale.

They may be the longest-running couple in this year’s villa, aside from Shannon and Josh who left halfway, but viewers still have questions.

It comes after they were announced as second place during the 2021 Love Island USA finale, which left fans guessing whether they are still together.

From their journey in the villa, to fan predictions, Reality Titbit has gathered all the latest information on Kyra and Will’s relationship.

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Fans question if Will and Kyra are together

Looking through Twitter, it is clear to see that most viewers don’t have high hopes for the couple, who placed second in the Love Island 2021 finale.

Some have estimated they won’t last a week, while others think they could remain a couple until 2022!

However, a few fans think Will and Kyra could last longer than others.

One fan wrote: “Everybody wanted to hate on Kyra & Will. But I seriously bet that they stay together longer than any other couple on this season.”

Another made a prediction, and said: “Will won’t stay with Kyra, I think he was in it just for the TV face time and the money.”

“I’m really hoping Will & Kyra and Jeremy & Bailey stay together and make it work”, said another Love Island USA fan.

Are Will and Kyra still together?

  • Yes, they continue to be in a relationship (at the time of writing)

Considering the live finale only aired on August 15, it hasn’t been long since they were announced as second, and left as a couple.

Some fans think they may not last – with many accusing Will of having a wandering eye – but others have high hopes!

Will and Kyra have left the romantic pictures of them in the villa on their Instagram pages, which is a good sign.

Kyra also revealed that her and Will are “very excited for what the outside has to hold” – and it could work, as they live 15 minutes from each other!

They both live in Los Angeles, and appear to be adamant that they want to continue their relationship post-Love Island.

Will’s Instagram page declared that they are “official” after their final date.

Will and Kyra: Love Island journey

Will and Kyra the longest-running couple in the villa, aside from Shannon and Josh, who left the dating show halfway through.

However, it hasn’t always been plain-sailing for them, as Will had explored a connection with Florence “Flo” Mueller at Casa Amor.

It was the ultimate test, but the situation saw him decide to stay with Kyra.

He explained what happened after he chose Kyra at the recoupling ceremony, but this led to fans and co-stars saying she had “lost herself”.

The Dirty Laundry game left them facing some trust issues, but dismissed them when she focused on how her and Will have such a strong connection.



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