Big Brother’s Sarah Beth has been wearing a bandage on a recent ep, which led CBS viewers to question how she may have injured her leg.

As houseguests try to win their way to the giant cash prize, cameras and microphones keep track of their every move on the CBS show.

Sarah Beth is one of those 2021 contestants, but something on her leg has caught sight of those tuning into Big Brother recently.

She has been wearing a bandage on her leg, much to the confusion of viewers who have no idea what happened to her. Reality Titbit found out.

Big Brother 23 Promo | Featuring the NEW Houseguests

Big Brother 23 Promo | Featuring the NEW Houseguests

Fans react to Sarah Beth’s bandage

Following the August 11 episode, several fans noticed that Sarah Beth was wearing a bandage on her leg, which Xavier wrapped around it.

Many are now questioning what happened to her, but some think she could possibly be faking the leg injury.

A worried fan wrote: “What she doesn’t know is that she is in danger. It’s supposed to be endurance. Could she be faking an injury?”

One fan said: “What happened to Sarah Beth’s leg? It was bandaged on the show and she was limping.”

Another wrote: “Does anyone know what happened to Sarah B’s ankle? Xavier was seen wrapping it in a tensor bandage???”

“Saw some more gauze on her leg again. Looks more like she may have scrapped the skin off her shin and it was bleeding and the tensor it to keep the gauze in place?”, said a fan.

Sarah Beth’s leg injury: Explained

Sarah scraped her leg, which is why she is wearing a bandage.

Rumor also has it that Sarah Beth could be faking an injury. However, others think that she just scraped skin off her leg, and that it was bleeding.

When the live stream was on, a fan said she was fine before bed.

They said that the contestant gave a long speech to the camera after everyone was asleep, saying that she is going to have to throw the HOH.

The HOH allows someone to earn the power to nominate two people for eviction. She added that winning would show her cards too soon.

Sarah Beth on Big Brother: Predictions

The majority of viewers grew angry when Sarah didn’t take the veto on Big Brother 23, and said that she needs to be evicted.

If wins HOH this week – which many think she could – some predict that many houseguests will tell her Tiffany was campaigning against her.

Due to her injury, fans are unsure how this will affect her on Thursday’s endurance competition episode.

Sarah Beth has already been seen begging Derek X not to take the cash prize away from her, and crying about it.



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