Sheryl Underwood has quite literally transformed her face and body, making her almost unrecognisable to The Talk viewers.

The panellist has been a fan favorite for years, especially when she dressed up in possibly the most iconic Halloween costume ever: as Lamar Jackson.

Recently though, she’s making headlines again for her transformative weight loss, which viewers have recently started to notice.

Starring on a daily weekday show on CBS, it’s pretty hard for Sheryl to stay away from the cameras. We explored her weight loss over the years.

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Viewers react to Sheryl’s weight loss

Since Sheryl, 58, started losing weight, which was noticed as far back as last year – and more so recently – fans couldn’t help but comment.

Looking at social media, the panellist’s transformation did not go amiss. Since the pandemic, more have paid attention to her weight loss…

One viewer wrote: “Sheryl has really lost weight. I’m sure she’s feeling so good and healthy.”

Another said: “Thought about how Sheryl looks like she’s losing weight, and she mentioned it (or was it like that?) #TheTalk.”

@sherylunderwood Go girl go!”, wrote a The Talk Instagram follower.

How did The Talk star lose weight?

Sheryl revealed she has lost almost 50 pounds in weight. A conversation on The Talk saw her reveal that she was as high as 230 pounds.

The 5 ft 4 star now often promotes digestive wellness brand Metacumil, which aims to help adults feel lighter and more energetic.

The host revealed that her weight loss came from five factors: good sleep, movement, meditation, prayer, and drinking water.

Adding more fiber to her daily diet also helped kickstart her weight loss journey, as well as moving around and eliminating stress.

Another factor that helped her lose weight was eating less processed foods.

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Sheryl Underwood: Before and after

Sheryl’s older pictures which date back to 2014 on Instagram show her with a much fuller jaw line and face.

Then in October 2020, a significant difference showed the host with a much more defined jaw line area and thinner face.

Although Sheryl doesn’t often updated her Instagram page, a series of press images show that her weight loss has particularly impacted her face area.

Having described herself as “top heavy” in older pictures, The Talk host has since dropped lots of pounds off her chest and arm area.

Here’s what she looks like now:

Photo by Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

While the below pictures show Sheryl in September 2020 (bottom photo was taken in 2014), almost a year before the above photo was taken:



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