Carolyn Wiger stars in Survivor 44, and it seems like she’s not the only one who’s well-known in the family as her father, Chuck Wiger is an important figure in Minnesota, so we take a closer look at her dad.

Survivor has been on our screens since 2000, and 23 years later, it’s still just as good as ever. This season they’re back in the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji, where the show has been filming since Survivor 33 in 2016. The season was dubbed to be one of the ‘most intense’ yet, and from what we’ve seen so far on CBS, they weren’t wrong.

We take a closer look at Survivor Carolyn and her dad Chuck Wiger.

Who is Carolyn Wiger?

Carolyn is a part of the Tika Tribe on Survivor 44, and is from North Saint Paul, Minnesota. She now lives in Hugo and is 35 years old.

Wiger isn’t the only Survivor 44 cast member from Minnesota as Frannie Marin and Sarah Wade also hail from the state.

She didn’t have the easiest start on the show as she said she didn’t feel like she ‘clicked’ with her tribe.

Outside of the CBS show, she works as a drugs counselor and can be found on Instagram @car0lynr0se.

Who is Carolyn Wiger’s father?

Carolyn’s father is Chuck Wiger, a former member of the Minnesota State Senate and was first elected to Senate in 1996, as the representative for District 43. He’s part of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

Before this, Wiger actually dropped out of school to work in a circus. “I dropped out because I was bored; I wanted some adventure,” he told StarTribune.

Chuck has four other children alongside Carolyn and also has five grandchildren, one of these being her son Luca.

Carolyn has said her mom and dad Chuck are her biggest inspirations. Speaking on her father, she said: “He believed in me when I didn’t believe in me and pushed me to do better no matter what my past looked like.”

The star has made an impact on fans

Carolyn’s hilarious personality has quickly made her a fan favorite on the show, and of course viewers have taken to Twitter to express this. One even called her their ‘favorite Survivor ever’.

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