Frannie Marin and Matt Blankinship star on Survivor 44, and it seems like the two have sparked up a romance on the show, as fans are desperate to know if the two are still together.

The CBS show is on its 44th season, and its 23rd year, so of course, there have been some romances along the way, however, it’s not as common as some may think.

We take a look into the journey of Frannie and Matt and whether there’s an update on the Survivor romance.

Frannie and Matt have a ‘Survivor romance’

Frannie is a 23-year-old research coordinator, while Matt is a 27-year-old software engineer, and some could say it was love at first sight for the pair when they met on Fiji Island.

The romance was hinted to us before the show started by host Jeff Probst.

“Survivor 44 has a showmance, our first showmance in a very long time. I won’t say anything other than if it lasted, it would make me very happy,” Jeff told TV Insider.

Of course, fans want to know if Survivor 44 couple Frannie and Matt are still together but it seems like we may have to wait until the series comes to an end to see if we can get an update.

“If they’re not dating right now love doesn’t exist they’re so perfect together,” said one fan.

Another wrote: “If they don’t get married we riot.”

However, we may have found a few hints while stalking their Instagram as Frannie reposted a video with life coach Lisa Whelchel analyzing the pair’s relationship.

In the caption of her story, Frannie wrote: “HAHA wearing my heart on my face indeed… and proud of it! Thanks @lisawhelchel.”

Despite this, the couple doesn’t follow each other on Instagram, but we’re hoping that’s because of Matt’s inactivity rather than anything else!

Frannie on the other hand is very active and regularly retweets tweets on the showmance, plus her header is a photo of the two from the show.

So even if this doesn’t mean a romance, we at least know they’re still on good terms, although we’re hoping for the first!

The show was filmed almost a year ago in June 2022, so if Frannie and Matt are still together, they’d be coming up to celebrate their year anniversary.

Has Survivor had a successful relationship?

Yes, Survivor has had some successful relationships come out of the show.

Although not common, of course after 44 seasons and two decades, there have been a few relationships from the show here and there, and there have even been a few marriages.

Amber Brkich and Rob Mariano met on Survivor: All-Stars, Season 8 in 2004, and are now married with four daughters.

Erik Huffman and Jaime Dugan-Huffman also wed in 2009 after they met in 2007 on season 15. They also went on to have a child together.

Fans ship the CBS relationship

As well as host Jeff Probst, it seems like fans also ship the Survivor relationship, as they’ve taken to twitter to fangirl (or boy) over the pair.

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