The Rachael Ray Show is not cancelled: Season 15 premiere date revealed!

The Rachael Ray Show takes us through a series of celebrity talks, musical performances and most of all, the American host’s impressive cooking skills.

Celebrity cook Rachael Ray, 52, brings on guests to talk to them about lifestyle and health, but never forgets to conclude each episode with the popular cooking segment.

First airing back in 2006, there have been 14 seasons so far. Its first season was the highest-viewed show on daytime USA TV. Although rumour had it that the show might not be making a comeback in 2020, we can confirm this isn’t the case at all.

Screenshot: Rachael Ray and John Cusimano on The Rachael Ray Show,

Has The Rachael Ray Show been cancelled?

No. Season 15 is officially set to premiere on our screens on Monday September 14 with all new episodes. The exciting announcement was made on The Rachael Ray Show website.

It was reported by that the last episode of The Rachael Ray Show went to air on November 1 in 2019. However fans can soon look forward to a fresh season of the popular talk show this month.

Staff for The Rachael Ray Show have posted the following statement:


We’re gearing up for Season 15, everyone — and we couldn’t be more excited. Season 15 of “Rachael” premieres on Monday, September 14, 2020. Mark your calendars!

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What to expect from The Rachael Ray Show: Season 15

It is believed that Rachael Ray and her husband John Cusimano have been filming Season 15 together. Although Rachael is usually accompanied by celebrity guests, it appears that we can expect to see the couple cooking new recipes together. However when their house allegedly set on fire, it was reported that they had to pause filming for some time.

It was reported by CNN that Rachael, John and their dog were unharmed during the fire in early August at their New York home. And the pair made it back to film the last episode of Season 15 in their home 10 weeks ago. We even catch a glimpse of their pooch Bella Boo Blue during the series.

According to Rachael’s Instagram account, we can expect to see dishes such as smoked chicken, margarita cocktails and other fancy drinks, corn and paneer meals, and many, many more.

Where to watch The Rachael Ray Show

The Rachael Ray Show was showcased on CBS for its 14th season. Listings may change depending on different stations across USA hometowns and cities.

In Los Angeles, The Rachael Ray Show will be shown at 10am on KTTV. Click here where you can select your hometown and find out which channel you can stream the talk show on.







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