After lots of formed allies and game-playing, the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 3 has officially been announced and fans are ecstatic about the “worthy” contestant who was given the crown.

It is the reality TV dating show where a group of celebrities live together in a house fitted with cameras and microphones, with ZERO privacy. CBS record their every move for 24 hours a day – can you imagine?!

This year was no different from previous years, and was filled with drama. From evictees dropping Todrick Hall at the last minute and Carson Kressley‘s sudden turn from Shanna Moakler, the final was the juiciest episode.

So, who won Celebrity Big Brother 2022, as well as the much-adored Favorite Houseguest prize?

Who won Celebrity Big Brother 2022?

Miesha Tate was officially crowned the winner of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother. She scored a vote of 7-1 after stating to the jury that she tried to play the game with integrity, while trying to win as many competitions as she could.

She went on to add how she wanted to inspire her children to dream big, and show her daughter girls can do it all. Up against Todrick Hall and Cynthia Bailey, the mixed martial artist also secured the final Head of Household power.

When it became time to evict the next houseguest, she chose Cynthia, who later revealed that she respects Miesha’s honest approach to the game. She also agreed that she would have taken Todrick to the jury if the roles were reversed.

Miesha, 35, is a former Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champion and now competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, where she is a former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion.

She was so successful playing the game that she won the $250K cash prize!

Favorite Houseguest winner

Carson Kressley received the $25K prize after being voted the Celebrity Big Brother 3 Favorite Houseguest winner. However, several fans have also noted that Shanna Moakler was a firm fan favorite this year.

From How to Look Good Naked to Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Carson is known as the King of Makeovers. Beginning his fashion work as an independent stylist, he went on to work for Ralph Lauren for eight years.

He also hosted Carson Nation on the Oprah Winfrey Network, and alongside presenting duties, is known in the pageant world. These include hosting 2005’s Miss Universe and co-hosting Miss Universe 2021 preliminary competition.

The CBB contestant has even had a fair few acting roles, like the iconic moment he played bartender Lance in The Perfect Man, starring Heather Locklear and Hilary Duff. Plus, Carson is a long-running judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Fans react to Miesha Tate’s win

Looking through social media, there are clearly mixed opinions about Miesha taking the CBB3 crown. Some fans who may not have had her down as their winner even agreed that she deserved to win.

One fan wrote: “Miesha is a worthy winner. I can’t take that away from her. She dominated the entire game. #CBBUS3.”

Even when she was granted the power of the first Head of Household, several viewers thought the role was well-deserved for her time in the house. “Miesha is a worthy first 2022 HOH. Her intuitions are spot on. #CBBUS3,” said a fan.

Many have welcomed her new crown, while others were more in favor of Cynthia or Lamar Odom winning the series. A viewer on Miesha’s side wrote: “Miesha did it old-School style, the old-fashioned way through hard work and dedication!

Another added: “Miesha was one of my pre-season favs. Well deserved W. Huge threat since day 1 and manged to stay in the game. Besides her pairing with Todrick, she’s an All-Star in my book.



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