Who is the Tough As Nails winner of season 2? CBS fan theories explored!

Tough As Nails is back for a second season, following the success of its first on CBS. So, who is the winner of this series?

Workers from labour jobs, such as construction, are put to the ultimate test in the series, which sets them through their paces physically and mentally.

A range of real-life individuals from physically-challenging jobs take part in the reality show, to figure out who really is Tough As Nails.

So, who wins Tough As Nails season 2? Who won the first season? Keep reading to discover who fans think will be successful in this series…

Screenshot: The season premiere of ‘Tough as Nails’, WTVR CBS 6 YouTube

Who was eliminated from Tough As Nails?

  • Tara

The first person in season 2 to leave the competition was Tara.

She was in the bottom two with Swifty following the individual challenge, as they were the last to finish.

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The challenge involved moving all of their eels into another tank located on the dock, meaning they were up for elimination in the overtime challenge.

At the time of writing, only Tara has been eliminated from the competition.

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Tough As Nails: Season 1 winner

  • Kelly “Murph” Murphy

In the first season of Tough As Nails, Kelly made it to the end, winning the $200,000 prize and a Ford Super Duty Truck.

The ex-marine now works as the director of the Military and Veterans Center at the University of Central Missouri.

He served in the military for 22 years, before retiring in 2012 as a senior marine who was deployed with 210 other marines.

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Who is the Tough As Nails season 2 winner?

  • It is not yet known who wins season 2 of Tough As Nails

With the competition at an early stage, and the cast members doing well to conceal any signs, it’s hard to figure out exactly who wins the contest.

However, several fans are starting to wonder who wins already. Michael and Liz won the episode 1 challenge, so cards may be on one of them.

Savage Crew won the first episode team challenge (Michael’s team), however Dirty Hands brought it back during episode 2 (Liz’s team).

In a poll posted by Tough As Nails, the majority reckons Dirty Hands will win the team competition, with 65.4 percent of votes.

Those in Dirty Hands are:

  • Angel Castillo
  • Patrick “Freight Train” Hargan
  • Iraida Mujica
  • Liz “Knuckles” Nichols
  • Cyril “Zeus” Ontai III
  • Tara Alverson



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