Where is Tough as Nails Filmed? Location and more explored!

Tough as Nails is a new reality television series airing on CBS this summer.

Its first episode premiered on July 8th. This competitive reality television series requires its competitors to complete a series of challenges. The competitors on this show knows what it means to be tough, as they are all essential workers.

They aren’t afraid of physical activity and growing more calluses on their hands. The challenges are real world experiences such as shoveling coal and laying railroad track turned into entertaining reality television challenges.

The challenges tests each competitor’s endurance, speed, agility, strength and especially their mental strength. Each competitor must complete each challenge to the best of their ability in order to not get eliminated.

Screen Shot: Tough as Nails cast on Tough as Nails – CBS, season 1

Who is the Tough as Nails host?

The host of Tough as Nails is Phil Keoghan who is also known as the host for Amazing Race.

Phil also co-created the format with his wife Louise. But his work doesn’t stop there, as he also directs the episodes. It’s definitely a family affair because his daughter, Elle (who worked on Big Brother), is a story producer. Phil’s brother, Andrew, is a composer who wrote the show’s theme song.


What makes Tough as Nails stand out from other competitive reality television shows isn’t just the fact it’s being run by Phil Keoghan and his family, but it also shows strength in different types of people. The show praises people who have different career choices and the strength and endurance they have in order to get their jobs done each and every day.

Unlike other competition-based reality shows, those who get eliminated are not eligible to win the prize, but they are able to stay as a team member. They can stay and help during team challenges which makes this competition about more than just winning money.

Where is Tough as Nails filmed?

  • California, United States

Tough as Nails is filmed in California. However, exact filming locations have not been released.

According to thecinemaholic.com: “A few local sources have suggested that filming for ‘Tough as Nails’’ is carried out in job sites in and around Los Angeles — that includes highways and railway lines.”

As of now we just know that it is filmed in California, but hopefully one day specific locations will be released to the public.




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