Who is Wayne Brady's aunt Lilly? Meet Secret Celebrity Renovation star!

Wayne Brady kicks off the premiere of CBS’ Secret Celebrity Renovation by giving his aunt Lilly the home makeover of her dreams.

A line-up of celebrities will be seen giving back to those who have made an impact on their lives, when an episode airs each Friday night.

Hosted by Nischelle Turner, Wayne will be working with the home renovation team to pay thanks to a special person – his aunt Lilly.

From the reasons behind the home makeover, and who Lilly is, we explored their relationship and got to know Wayne’s auntie better.

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Who is Wayne Brady’s aunt Lilly?

Lilly helped raise American actor Wayne, who he met while growing up.

Although he was brought up by his grandparents, Lilly came into his life a little later, and showed him a world outside of Tangela Park, Florida.

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Lilly, whose full name is Lillian, is described as a “giver and caretaker” by Wayne, took care of her mom (his grandmother) after he left home.

Wayne said he knows there are certain circumstances that kept her in Orlando, adding that he has been trying to get them to move away for years.

Lilly on Secret Celebrity Renovation

The dream home renovation involved cutting down trees, which Wayne helped to chainsaw – despite never having used one before.

Host Nischelle Turner told TV Insider that she felt like she was seeing Wayne’s “superhero origin story” on the show.

Wayne’s goal is to make this portion of his aunt’s life easier, by transforming the place she lives into her dream home.

The production team sent aunt Lilly away for two weeks, who knew they were doing something around the house, but didn’t know the full extent.

A window between the TV room and the living room was filled in, which Wayne helped to do during the renovation – hoping his aunt would like it.

When Lilly saw the renovation work, she couldn’t stop smiling! And Wayne even received a visit from his good friend, N SYNC’s Joey Fatone.

Wayne and Lilly’s relationship

Wayne talks very fondly of his aunt Lilly, and said that she helped him to get to where he is today.

According to CBS, she set him on the path to success. Since leaving home, Wayne has become a well-known actor.

Some of his work includes being on The Loud HouseBlack LightingThe Bold and the Beautiful, and The Real Husbands of Hollywood.

Aunt Lilly came into his life when he moved in with his grandparents, and since then, he has always been grateful for her care.

Now, Lilly is living in the dream home he helped create for her!



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