Who started the history-making cookout on Big Brother 23?

Big Brother 23 has officially come to an end, but several CBS fans are still wondering the culprit behind ‘The Cookout’ this season.

The houseguests were all keeping their own little secrets to win, but there was one in particular who sneakily started the dominant alliance.

This year was different, as it made Big Brother history since the first week the season started, and has stayed in viewer’s minds until the end.

We can reveal who actually started ‘The Cookout’ on the 23rd season, and how it all led to the reign of this year’s winner.

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Big Brother 23 Promo | Featuring the NEW Houseguests

Big Brother 23 Promo | Featuring the NEW Houseguests

BB23 fans react to ‘The Cookout’

Viewers are still heavily impressed by how the cookout went, and are more bothered about the strategy used for it to be a successful alliance.

Looking through Twitter, many have been getting creative with memes to respond to Big D claiming he started the entire thing.

One shocked fan said: “Did Big D took credit for the cookout!?!?!?!?!?”.

Another wrote: “Correction the cookout carried you (DF) and Azah this far.”

“Congratulations to the first African American Winner of #BigBrother Xavier! The Cookout Alliance controlled this game since Day 1.

“All 6 African American Members made it to the Final 6 and put the goal before themselves. What an outstanding season!”, said a happy fan.

What was BB23’s The Cookout?

The goal this year was to have the first ever Black winner on Big Brother, and was created during the first week of the season.

To keep the alliance a secret, the majority of its members would pair up with someone who was not part of the alliance.

Pairing up meant safety, as there was never a time where two members went on the block, and the alliance had enough numbers to keep them safe in the case of one member being nominated alongside their pair.

They won most of the HOH’s (nine HOH wins), influenced every eviction and nearly every nomination, and evicted all non-members.

So it was definitely what you would call a success – as they accomplished their goal of guaranteeing the first ever Black winner!

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Who started BB23’s The Cookout?

Tiffany Mitchell is the houseguest who started the cookout.

Azah Awasum, Derek Frazier, Kyland Young, Hannah Chaddha, Tiffany Mitchell, and Xavier Prather were all part of the alliance.

Big D has been making claims that he was the one who started the cookout, which left several viewers in fits of laughter, or plain confused.



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