CBS’ Big Brother 23 came to an end on September 29th, and those who may have missed out are wondering who the favorite houseguest was.

Aside from the official winner being given the $750,000 cash prize, fans in America can also vote for their top player of the season.

The two-hour finale came to a close, after the much-anticipated reveal of who the country had chosen for America’s Favorite Player on BB23.

Reality Titbit can now explore who that person is and how fans reacted to their win, as well as who Big Brother‘s unanimous winners are.

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Big Brother 23 Promo | Featuring the NEW Houseguests

Big Brother 23 Promo | Featuring the NEW Houseguests

Who won 23’s favorite houseguest?

Tiffany Mitchell won Big Brother 23’s Favorite Houseguest.

She quickly became a fan favorite while on this year’s season, meaning she was able to leave with a $50,000 check!

When asked if she had a message for her son at home, she joked that the money is all hers. Derek Xiao came in second place in the audience vote.

The 40-year-old phlebotomist from Detroit was evicted by a vote of 3-0 over Hannah Chaddha, under the HOH role of Kyland Young.

Who won Big Brother 23?

Xavier Prather won this season of Big Brother, making history as the first Black person to be given the show’s crown.

It was a tough battle, as Xavier claimed Part One of the final Head of Household competition, while Derek and Azah competed in Part Two.

The victor then went against Xavier in Part Three to determine who would become the last HOH of the summer.

With a jury at the finale to help the decision be made, it led to Xavier taking home $750,000, while Big D received the runner-up prize of $75,000.

The 27-year-old Milwaukee-based lawyer, who hid from his fellow contestants his job, as well as his basketball talents, must be over the moon!

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Big Brother’s unanimous winners

Xavier joins the list of unanimous winners on Big Brother, winning by a 9-0 jury vote, and is the third in the show’s history to be crowned on this basis.

Others on the list include BB10 winner Dan Gheesling (7-0 jury vote) and BB22 winner Cody Calafiore (9-0 jury vote).

And there are several previous players who came close to getting a unanimous winning vote on the CBS show. They include:

  • BB3 winner Lisa Donahue (9-1)
  • BB4 winner Jun Song (6-1)
  • BB7 winner Mike Boogie (6-1)
  • BB9 winner Adam Jasinski (6-1)
  • BB14 winner Ian Terry (6-1)



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