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Why Caro and Ray fast-tracked their relationship to the finish line

Caro and Ray came from Love Island to The Amazing Race 33, where they were ready to compete against the clock, and across the globe. But they never returned to the show for its second round of filming.

Pairs from all different backgrounds, from sisters and besties, to father-daughter duos, trained for months ahead of the race, which involves racing around the world to win the ultimate cash prize.

Caroline “Caro” Viehweg and Raymond “Ray” Gantt were just one of those competing teams. However, when the Covid-19 pandemic paused production for several months, they did not return once filming resumed.

Turns out they are no longer together… Fancy a race to the finish line to find out why?

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Amazing Race: Who are Caro and Ray?

Caroline “Caro” Viehweg and Raymond “Ray” Gantt are a former couple, who partially competed on The Amazing Race 33 as a pair. However, they did not return for the second round of filming.

Both former Love Island USA contestants, Ray is now an aspiring dentist based across New Jersey and New York City, while Caro has been focusing on being an influencer and YouTuber since the show.

Caro, 23, is from Los Angeles and Ray, 25, first met on Love Island USA Season 1 where they finished in third place. They are also used to traveling long distances, considering they are currently on two different coasts.

If they took home $1million cash prize, Ray had promised to move out to Los Angeles!

Caro and Ray’s relationship timeline

The former couple first met on Love Island, which saw Caro arrive first and get coupled up with Cashel Barnett. But when Cashel got into a relationship with Kyra Green, Ray arrived and instantly caught Caro’s eye.

It wasn’t long before she thought she had met her soulmate, with Caro and Ray sharing several intimate moments throughout the series. Although they didn’t win, the pair did go on to make the final.

After, Caro and Ray were the couple to last the longest after their season, but they broke up sometime around July 2020. This happened during a break in filming The Amazing Race 33.

FBI | FBI Tuesdays Trailer | CBS

FBI | FBI Tuesdays Trailer | CBS

Why did Caro and Ray break up?

Caro revealed that Ray was “not committed” to the relationship in the way she was, which led to her breaking up with him. She revealed in a July 2020 YouTube video that they had split up.

She said:

We’re not dating anymore. It is sad because I do want to clarify that I really tried my hardest in this relationship, and I just don’t want to throw anybody under the bus. I don’t want to make my business be everybody’s business, but I guess I am because this is a YouTube video.

Caro and Ray had broken up some time after filming was paused during the outbreak of Covid-19. As many will be aware, they are not the first couple to be affected by the pandemic, as this meant they could not see each other.

Due to already having a long-distance relationship, it is likely that the stresses of not being able to meet may have influenced their decision to break up. Despite this, Ray still speaks highly of Caro.



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