5 Best earplugs for dogs and pets during firework displays

Guy Fawkes night may be celebrated by many across the globe, but our fluffy friends aren’t so excited. Those bangs can really scare them…

November 5th comes around each year, and dog owners everywhere will already know just how worrying that can be for our pets come night time.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top earplugs that your dog – or any pets for that matter – can wear to drown out any loud fireworks.

From some earplugs with calming sound buffering, and little hoods that work as quiet ear protection, there is a wide variety on offer for our pets.

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1. Over The Moon Pet Products

Price: £18.99

Over The Moon Pet Products has dog calming hoods on offer, which can be worn over their ears.

Coming in grey, purple, black or blue, it has a 3.5-star rating on Amazon.

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The hoods come in four different sizes, including small, medium, large and X-large, meaning they can fit smaller to large breeds.

2. Fruugo

Price: £7.95

Fruugo offers quiet ear covers, which is basically a comfy snood that can be wrapped around a dog’s ears.

They come in three colours: black, pink or purple.

The earmuff is specifically designed to reduce anxiety caused by the loud noise, and it’s not just for firework displays…

It also keeps long ears and facial hair dry while they eat!

3. Mutt Muffs

Price: £44.64

Mutt Muffs are dog ear muffs which provide over-the-head hearing protection for animals.

They have specially designed wide foam filled ear seals for maximum comfort, and are engineered match the shape of a dog’s head.

The ear muffs aim to protect your pet’s hearing in loud environments, but do not completely cancel out loud noises.


Price: £11.99

FLTY sells a soft, expandable, fabric belt with gentle compression, which can relieve anxiety and calm a dog in stressful situations.

The product has full-wrapped noise reduction sleeves to protect pets’ ears from noise, which aims to help dogs and cats calm down.

Its gentle compression design can also help to reduce the noise.

5. Make your own

You can make your own dog ear muffs by using a sock.

All owners need to do is cut the ends of a pair of their socks off, where the toes and ankle usually are, and place it around their dogs’ head.

The DIY ear muffs can be made to quieten the distressing noises – and the dog may even feel as though they are being cuddled!


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