Ibiza Weekender 2019 has officially kicked off and we are absolutely loving it!

The latest season of the ITV2 franchise started on January 6th, 2019, and follows a group of 18-24 year old’s as they embark on a raunchy weekend away in Ibiza.

It’s deliciously entertaining, and this year everyone is losing their minds over Tash. Who is she? Where is she from? What does she do on the outside world?

From Twofour Productions IBIZA WEEKENDER on ITV 2 Pictured: (L-R) Savvas, Tash, Callum, Chloe, David, Isobel, Jordan.

From Twofour Productions
Pictured: (L-R) Savvas, Tash, Callum, Chloe, David, Isobel, Jordan.

Ibiza Weekender Tash: Full Name

Commonly referred to on the show as Tash – or the only rep that actually does any work – her full name is Natasha Kiran.

On Instagram, you can find her under @tashweekender while Depop and Snapchat are all about @tashakiran.

Where is Tash From?

Natasha hails from Manchester and likes to hang out at nightclub events such as Toy BoX.

Despite this, her accent isn’t particularly strong.


Pictured: Tash.

Has she Been on TV Before?


While we’re not expecting you to recognise Tash from a brief 2017 cameo, she did appear on E4’s Coach Trip.

Looking at her Instagram, she popped up in a 2017 episode and ended up in Croatia, although she didn’t win the show.

Tash is a Summer Girl

Yep, I’m sure she rocks a great winter outfit, but Natasha lives for the sun. Besides, who can blame her!

Her Instagram is an absolute goldmine for summer styles and ideas, so get on it before a striking hot 2019 rolls around.

She Loves a Drunk Selfie

Something we’re all guilty of! We’ve all woken up in the morning, scrolling through the vast selection of selfies taken the night for.

It looks like Natasha has perfected the art of the drunk selfie. Let’s not get too jealous!

Tash Looks Killer in Black

Black can often be really difficult to pull off, but Natasha’s posts prove that she’s found a way to do just that.

According to the decorative backdrop, she’s “oh so guilty” as charged!

View this post on Instagram

Guilty Sunday's 💁🏽 #sundayclub #liv #manchester

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She’s an Angel…

Of course, last but not least, Natasha is a real-life angel.

`We’re all loving her on Ibiza Weekender, and this certainly confirms why!



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