We are no strangers to seeing Amber and Trent’s kid’s date on The 7 Little Johnstons with Elizabeth being with her boyfriend Brice for a few years now and Jonah and Ashley also working hard on their long-distance relationship.

However, one Johnston that we are not used to seeing date is Anna, who has previously mentioned that she has never dated anyone before, until recently.

Reality Titbit has all the details on the 21-year-olds new boyfriend as well as fan’s reactions, check it out.

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Anna Johnston. Picture: Amber and Anna’s Heated Argument | 7 Little Johnstons

Meet Anna’s new boyfriend Kyle

During episode 7 of season 11, Anna accidentally told her parents about her new man as she discussed her Christmas party guest list, which included a guy named Kyle.

Her parents started to piece things together after they saw a picture on her social media of her with Kyle. Her dad then asked if they were more than friends, to which she responded:

I mean, like, we’re still getting to know each other. But obviously, he’s more than a friend because he comes to my house after work.

Anna Johnston

Anna didn’t say much about the relationship with her parents but she did mention that he is an average size person and she continued explaining how they met, saying:

We met through friends of a friend at a restaurant. He’s still at school getting his bachelor’s. He’s actually a smart man.

Anna Johnston

Her parents didn’t seem too supportive

Turning just 22 this May, Anna is already an incredibly independent and impressive woman. The star already has a job, her own place to live and is studying at the same time at college, proving that she can clearly look after herself.

Some viewers were disappointed when they saw her parent’s reaction to the announcement that she was dating and said they could tell that they clearly disapproved of the situation.

On Reddit, some viewers even labelled it an “interrogation” telling her parents to “back off” and “leave her alone..”

Fans are very supportive of the new relationship

Though audiences disapproved of the way her parents handled the situation, most fans were incredibly happy for Anna’s new romance, with tweets flooding in saying:

OMG Anna has a boyfriend!!! I’m so happy for her, she deserves the best

No way does she have a boyfriend now. I’m sooooo happy for her!

I’m hoping Kyle is the one for Anna



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