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Pictured: Callum and Chloe.

7 reasons we CAN’T WAIT for Ibiza Weekender season five!

Ibiza Weekender has been confirmed for another two raunchy seasons in the sun.

Twofour and Motion Content Group have commissioned 20 more hour-long episodes of the ITV2 series with season 5 set to air every Sunday from January 6th, 2019.

Here are seven reasons why we can’t wait or Ibiza Weekender season 5.

From Two Four Productions

Weekender Boat Party on ITV2
Pictured: David and Jordan.

The Never-ending Jordan Davies Saga

Of course, the biggest talking point from Ibiza Weekender series four came at the very end.

In a shocking twist, regular holiday rep and Ibiza icon Jordan Davies was sacked.

However, he earned back his regular job by being his usual mischievous self on ITV2 spin-off show Weekender: Boat Party.

Jord ended that series about to date a guest named Lydia. What state will their relationship be in come Ibiza?

Screen Shot: Weekender Boat Party, ITV2, Jordan Davies and Lydia

More Nudity!

Love Island 2018 had new rules on villa sex, with improved guidelines to decrease the amount of nudity on display.

Ibiza Weekender, however, appears to be showing more nudity than ever.

There was an outrageous scene in Weekender series 4 where guest Devante was filmed baring all as he came out of the shower.

Looks like Ibiza Weekender series 5 could be the flagship for nudity – bring it on!

Three New Reps

Like always, there will be new reps added to the Ibiza Weekender roster.

However, the most recent series proved more cutthroat than before, with three characters facing the axe and newbie replacements filling the gaps.

The teaser trailer has already confirmed the arrival of new reps Chloe, Tash and Isobel!

Return of Callum Izzard

With Callum Izzard popping over to E4 to film Celebs Go Dating in 2018, no-one was expecting him to make a return to ITV2.

However, we can confirm that the bad-boy holiday rep will be around for Ibiza Weekender season 5!

CALLUM was one of the new reps on Ibiza Weekender series 4 – ITV2

The Boat Party Wave

A lot of drama went down during Weekender: Boat Party and those waves are bound to wash up on the shore of Ibiza.

New rep Charlotte Hughes had a love and hate relationship with Jordan but won’t be in the new Ibiza Weekender series…. unless, she’s thrown in as a special guest to stir trouble!

Weekender Boat Party on ITV2
Pictured: Charlotte and Jordan.

More People Like This

Ibiza Weekender has become a guilty pleasure for many.

Mainly because of the unbearable hotel guests, who flock to the White Isle for their first holiday abroad.

Just look at these two…


El Jefe’s Sass

El Jefe was the hands-down star of Ibiza Weekender series 4 and he has already been confirmed to return for series 5.

Offering limitless wit and sass, please give us more of this:

Get yourselves unpacked, have a shower, a poo if you need a poo.

From Two Four Productions
Weekender Boat Party on ITV2
Pictured: David.



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