Larissa Dos Santos Lima is known as the ‘queen’ on 90 Day Fiance after her extreme falling out with her ex-husband Colt Johnson.

The two experienced extreme marital drama and many arguments during their short time together. Larissa classifies Colt as a “user” while Larissa had three domestic abuse arrests while married to Colt.

Now that they are no longer together Larissa insists that Colt is trying to get her deported. So, where is she now?

Who is Larissa?

Larissa Dos Santos Lima is 33 years old and from Brazil. She and Colt met on social media and met in person for the first time in Mexico. Colt proposed to Larissa just a few days after the two first met although it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing from there.

Larissa constantly fought with Colt and his mother, Debbie, and eventually, they filed for a divorce. Larissa has since tried to move on from the troublesome relationship although mother Debbie has found a way of getting involved. To get back at Larissa and Colt’s divorce, Debbie posed for pictures with Larissa’s on-again-off-again boyfriend, Eric Nichols.

Larissa eventually tried to make peace with Debbie and Colt with an Instagram post before the end of 2019. She apologized for how she treated Colt, expressing that she wanted to “cleanse all the bad energy from the past.”

Did Larissa get deported?

Larissa did not get deported… yet.

Larissa came to the United States on aK-1 visa, which is no longer effective. And now the Brazilian beauty believes that after Colt canceled her affidavit of support after they split up. She is worried that Colt is doing all that he can to get her out of the country.

Colt is now dating someone new, and Larissa fears he will treat her the same way. Colt had been dating Jess Caroline, who is also from Brazil. Larissa even reached out to Jess to talk to her about Colt, suggesting that Colt could try to deport her if their relationship fails to live up to expectations.


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