The moment when Jenna and Aden on TLC’s Unexpected brought their baby into the world was all captured on camera. So, who is Aden?

It is the series where the reality of teenage pregnancies are followed, revealing the effect it has on their families before the baby arrives.

In an upcoming episode clip (April 12th), Jenna and Aden welcome their new arrival, which several fans have already reacted to on social media.

So, who is Aden on Unexpected? How did him and Jenna meet? We’ve got the lowdown on all there is to know about her baby daddy…

Screenshot: Jenna and Aden, 17-Year-Old Thought Risk of No Protection Would Be Fun | Unexpected, TLC YouTube

Who is Aden on Unexpected?

Aden Albright, 18, is Jenna Ronan’s boyfriend and father of her son Luca.

He admitted that he told her a lie which led to her getting pregnant, with Jenna claiming he said boys “ogulate” (ovulate) like women do.

Aden tends to let Jenna take up most of the spotlight, but we do know that Aden works “has a good job in construction”, according to Jenna’s mom.

Some fans seem to think Aden “doesn’t care” about his relationship with Jenna, while one viewer claimed he is “insensitive”.

How did Aden and Jenna meet?

The couple have not explained how they first met, but it is likely they met at school, where Jenna grew up in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Aden and Jenna did not plan to have a baby.

She found out she was going to have a baby while attending junior high school, with him revealing he thought it was “fun” to not use protection.

While she was in labour, Aden reportedly called her “embarrassingly rude” and appeared to be on his phone during the delivery.

Where are Aden and Jenna now?

Aden and Jenna are still happily in a relationship together.

The couple recently got a house and moved out of Jenna’s dad’s house, with Aden’s salary thought to be paying for their home without any issues.

Their main duties involve looking after their son, who appears to have grown up quite a lot since being born.

They celebrated their son Luca’s first Easter in March, after turning nine months just three weeks ago.



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