AGT's Daniel Emmet is now headlining on the Las Vegas strip

AGT's Daniel Emmet is now headlining on the Las Vegas strip

Who remembers Daniel Emmet from season 13 of America’s Got Talent? He blew the judges – and audience – away with his rendition of 11 Divo’s Passera and was recognised on the show for his “classical crossover” style of music.

He was cut after his first audition but called back as the “wild card” thanks to his impressive vocal abilities and, despite not making it far on the show, he has definitely made it far in his own life. Reality Titbit has all the information on Daniel as well as a recap of his time on AGT and where he is now.

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After Jackie | Official Trailer | The History Channel

After Jackie | Official Trailer | The History Channel
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Who is Daniel Emmet?

Daniel was 25 when he appeared on AGT with his classical crossover genre. Daniel is a composer and lyricist who has taught himself to sing in more than seven languages. On his website he says:

For me, music is not only humanity’s only true native tongue – it may be our best hope to ultimately recognise our own humanity in others.

Daniel Emmet

This wasn’t Daniel’s first time auditioning for AGT, however, as he also gave it a shot on season 6 where he made it through to the first auditions. However, his stint wasn’t televised.

Simon stopped him during his audition

In true Cowell fashion, Daniel was stopped by Simon during his first audition as he was singing his original song Amante’ He then went on to sing a second song suggested by Cowell.

Simon suggested Passera, written by Italian singer-songwriter Aleandro Baldi. The song was most famously recorded in 2004 by Il Divo, who Simon Cowell formed for Syco Music.

So Daniel went off to rehearse the song and came back to sing it later in the day. The judges were blown away by his vocal abilities. All of them voted yes and he was sent through to the judge’s cuts.

He is now headlining in Las Vegas

Emmet’s musical journey didn’t end at AGT, his powerful voice gained him a lot of recognition and he is now headlining in Las Vegas as a performer and entertainer.

He is also on tour with David Foster, a composer, producer and manager from LA. Foster has worked with the likes of Andrea Bocelli, so he is clearly doing pretty well.

He boasts an impressive 26K followers on Instagram and is constantly updating his fans with his impressive musical performances across America. He recently performed for Memorial Day weekend and it’s safe to say his voice is still just as impressive.


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