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Alone season 7 winner: Meet History Channel's latest victor on Instagram!

Alone season 7 came to an end on Thursday, August 20th, crowning its winner. 

History Channel’s Alone is one of the most intense survival series on TV featuring a series of grueling challenges.

However, this season included one of the biggest challenges to this date – contestants had to survive for 100 days in a bid to win $1 million.

Who managed to survive and scoop the grand prize? Let’s meet the winner on Instagram!

Roland Welker

Who is the winner of Alone season 7?

The winner of this year’s season is Roland Welker.

Roland quickly made a name for himself as one of the toughest contestants.

He was the oldest cast member of season 7 and also one of the persons with the biggest array of skills on the History Channel survival show.

Many viewers at home favoured Roland and predicted that he could be this season’s victor because of how well he coped with the challenges.

One Reddit user said: “Roland is gonna outlast barring any injuries, for sure. That guy used muskox brain for lubricant and built a meat box… If he succeeds at ice fishing, its game over. They probably had to cut lots of his survival guides on the editing floor to make him seem defeatable.”

Roland Welker

Roland Welker: Bio

Roland is from Shiloh, Pennsylvania. He later moved to Red Devil in Alaska. He is 47 years old and has worked as a hunting guide, gold miner and a logger in the past. 

Roland grew up in a big family, living with his parents, sister, uncle, and grandfather. And thanks to his uncle and grandfather, he was exposed to outdoor challenges from a young age. 

As for his personal wife, he got married to his high school sweetheart but the two later broke up. Roland doesn’t have any children.

Roland’s mother Mona Welker sadly passed away when he was training in Montana in July last year as part of his preparation for Alone. He couldn’t attend her funeral but vowed to dedicate his victory to his late mother.

Follow Roland on Instagram

We found Roland on Instagram!

The Alone winner has been sharing a lot about his stint on the History Channel series. With 31 posts, he has nearly 1,600 followers at the time of writing. However, we’re sure this number is set to rise following his victory.

You can give Roland a follow under the handle @lastbushman.



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