A new season of Siesta Key has brought a new face on the scene, under the name of Dr. Miller. So, who is Amanda’s father?

It all happens on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Sarasota, Florida – where a group of friends spend their summer togther.

The drama, love, heartbreak and parties that take place are all captured on an MTV series called Siesta Key, with Amanda Miller among the cast.

During the first season four episode, Amanda’s dad made an appearance on the show. So, who is Dr. Miller? We done some research – meet her parents…

Screenshot: Dr. Miller, Siesta Key, Season 4 Episode 1, MTV

Who is Amanda’s dad?

He is the head of a family of four sons and two daughters, including Amanda and her brother Spencer.

Dr. Miller recently featured on Siesta Key, telling her that he was proud of her for aspiring to enter the film industry.

Amanda said he had been very supportive, and that her friends were shocked he owned a Pentax camera.

Her father said that certain parts of Amanda remind him of his mother, as she is has “aggressive, stubborn and independent” traits.

Amanda’s dad was in his late fifties when he had her.

Dr. Miller: Age and career

Amanda’s father is in his eighties, and was a combat medic in Vietnam.

Dr. Miller was part of the Admiral Farragut Academy, in the Best Drill Cadet, in 1956. He said being around wartime makes you realise life is precious.

He was also seen on the Kitty Hawk Aircraft Carrier, Pacific Ocean, in 1965.

Amanda’s father had a business called Sierra Sierra Balloon World, which led to her saying she wonders why she jumps out of planes.

Dr. Miller took pictures on his camera while in Vietnam, the same one which he later gave to his daughter.

During a film she made with him, Amanda said:

Despite the age gap, I couldn’t imagine having a dad who was younger because he’s been through so much.

Who is Amanda’s mom?

She is both Amanda and her older brother Spencer’s mother.

Angi is currently working at Sarasota Memorial Health Care System, after studying nursing at the State College of Florida in the 80s.

The mother-of-two formerly attended Wayne High School.

She often meets up with the Siesta Key mothers of the other cast members!



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