Does Amber Johnston have skin cancer? Health update on 7 Little Johnstons star

Does Amber Johnston have skin cancer? Health update on 7 Little Johnstons star

Amber was devastated after having a skin cancer scare on TLC’s 7 Little Johnstons – and fans are wondering how her health is post-filming.

The series follows the lives of the Johnstons, a family from Forsyth, Georgia, who have bone growth genetic disorder Achondroplasia.

Amber is mother of the five children, including two biological children Jonah and Elizabeth, and three adopted children Anna, Alex and Emma.

The latest episode has left fans worried about Amber’s health, after she received a shocking skin cancer scare from the doctor.

Screenshot: Amber and Anna’s Heated Argument | 7 Little Johnstons, TLC YouTube

Amber has skin cancer scare

Amber is seen telling the camera that she knows she is at higher risk of skin cancer, after she was had tests for a spot on her back.

She was told that the spot, which has since been removed, was “not full-blown melanoma” but also “not benign”.

The scare came about after Amber’s husband Trent shared his concerns about her, believing she wasn’t taking good care of herself.

This led to Trent and Amber having a debate about skin cancer treatment, which left fans wondering if she been diagnosed.

In a upcoming episode clip, Trent asks Amber about a follow-up appointment with her dermatologist, which she had not yet arranged.

Does Amber have skin cancer?

  • Amber appears to have had skin cancer

In February 2021, Amber shared a photo of herself on the family’s Instagram account, where is was sat in a doctor’s office.

The caption read: “My #skincancerisrealcancer”. While this appeared to confirm she had it, there is a possibility that she was just getting checked.

During the episode, her husband Trent explained that the second spot on Amber’s back has “gotten bigger” lately, which concerns him.

She then spoke to camera and said:

There’s definitely worry in the back of my mind. Skin cancer is something that doesn’t just go away or get better on its own. I know that I am at higher risk.

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Amber Johnston: Health update

Amber does not appear to have shared any recent updates on her skin cancer journey, but seems to be healthy in the family’s posts.

She has been seen enjoying meal times with the other Johnstons, and helping her daughter Anna to move out.

In the preview clip, Trent said: “Some of this also may be just the matter of fear — going to the doctor and getting bad news.” He added:

We’ve been down some rough roads. And I think that’s kind of … what helps prepare us and what puts on our fighting gear to get prepared for a challenge that we have with Amber, a cancer challenge.

The dermatologist asked to see Amber for another appointment to track any changes to her skin, especially with a second spot.

It looks like we will be finding out more about her skin cancer scare throughout this 7 Little Johnstons’ season.



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