America's Got Talent: Who is the singing dog? Meet Casper on Instagram!

The judges experience all kinds of skills on the America’s Got Talent stage – and now a singing dog has given the purrfect performance.

Whether it’s a man performing a comedy act or a dance crew whipping out their best moves, there’s no end to the unexpected talent show.

It’s not just humans who bring talent to the stage, but also furry friends such as Casper, the singing dog who recently got a standing ovation.

Casper has shown viewers that anything is paws-ible on the NBC competition series, and has done his very best to impress the judges.

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Who is Casper?

Casper is a male chihuahua and America’s Got Talent performer.

He sings alongside his owner Pam, despite having no voice as a puppy.

Pam said he would “squeak and squawk” and make little noises, until this noise came out a year later while she was playing guitar.

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Revealing he actually started to sing, they had only sung at a work talent show before taking to the America’s Got Talent stage.

Casper and Pam on America’s Got Talent

The performing duo sang “All By Myself” by Celine Dion at their audition.

Having already won over the judges – before the performance even began – Simon said “you could make a fortune” with a singing dog.

Before the song, Pam instructs Casper to only come in on the chorus. And he does just that, sticking to the complete script.

Sporting an orange bow tie and a red outfit (matched to his owner’s), Casper began to do small howling sounds, aka singing, with Pam.

The audience and judges instantly began singing, and even had Simon Cowell laughing and waving to the music in his chair.

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Meet Casper on Instagram

Casper Quinn, aged four, has a shared Instagram page with Pam Quinn.

Announcing that they “love singing” in their bio, they often make videos on social media sites TikTok and Venmo, as well as Insta.

They also have an Amazon wishlist that fans can visit for themselves!

If you are a big fan, Casper and Pam actually have their own merch, which they promote on their profile – from t-shirts, clocks, phone cases, and more.

Always obeying Pam’s instructions not to join in during the verses, he tends to leave his shining moment for the song chorus.



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