One half of the 1000-lb Sisters, Amy Slaton fans now want a reminder of how she looked before getting weight loss surgery. Now a new mom, many also question if she has fallen pregnant again.

Many have been trying to spot a baby bump on the TLC star, just over a year after she gave birth to Gabe. This is despite previous concerns about her weight, which meant that it was more difficult for her to conceive.

However, you won’t believe the pictures and videos of Amy from before she had bariatric surgery. She may have been introduced as a combined weight of over 1000 lbs alongside sister Tammy, but she looks incredibly different now.

1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

Amy Slaton before surgery

Amy was initially at a weight of 406 pounds when she first appeared on 1000-lb Sisters. In a bid to get healthy and lose weight, she began chucking out all of the junk food in the home she shared with Tammy.

Since moving out of their previous shared home, and now living with her son and husband Michael, she has since been on a journey to keep getting healthier day by day.

Before her weight loss, Amy was wearing size 5XL. And then once she had surgery, there was fear from fans that she may put all of the weight back on. However, she proved them wrong and was even more motivated to stay active.

The below video shows Amy’s unrecognisable appearance before surgery, which was posted three years ago.

How much has Amy dropped in pounds?

Now continuing her health journey on Season 3, she has made it down to 270 pounds! She initially dropped to 306 pounds, and then lost even more once she gave birth to son Gage, who has recently turned a year old.

Amy now wears a size XL, a size five times lighter than her original weight. While she appears to have lost even more weight, she has not shared the exact figure that she currently weighs – which could be even less.

Aiming to achieve a healthier lifestyle for her son, it doesn’t look like Amy has fallen into any old habits.

1000-lb Sisters: Is Amy pregnant again?

Yes, Amy is officially pregnant again. She already admitted she is trying for another baby on 1000-lb Sisters, and as it is filmed several months before episodes air, some are wondering if she has now fallen pregnant.

Those viewers would be correct, as the TLC star announced the news on her YouTube channel alongside husband Michael. She showed pictures of a scan and a positive pregnancy test, and declared: “Baby number two!”

Calling the video ‘OUR LITTLE SECRET’, Amy uploaded the video on January 3rd and revealed that she was 11 weeks and four days pregnant. Fans were over the moon for the reality cast member.

One wrote: “I remember the sadness in your eyes when you wanted to lose weight just so you can have children.

“Look at you guys and how you’ve accomplished your dreams and have made an example of what a hard work and perseverance can do. Congratulations for you both.



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