Netflix’s The Ultimatum has become a massive hit among reality TV fans ever since its release. Find out who cast member April Marie’s new boyfriend is after she gave Jake the ultimatum.

The new dating show is as chaotic as its counterparts. Its outlandish experiment sees six couples picking a partner from the other couples on the show to partake in a three-week “trial marriage” period. At the end of this period, they get to choose if they wish to return to the person they came with and get married, or move on from them.

Here’s who cast member April Marie is with now!

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Who is April Marie dating?

Things did not work out for April Marie and Jake Cunningham on the show. After giving Jake the ultimatum, April moved on to find love again with someone else.

April is now with famed Real Estate broker and entrepreneur Cody Cooper. Although the Netflix star has not explicitly revealed her relationship with him, Cody let it slip through some of his latest Instagram stories.

In his recent story, the Instagram user’s followers saw that he posted a couple of loved up pics with the reality star. He is seen passionately kissing April’s cheek in one and the other one sees him carrying her on his back. He captioned the post “My Love.”

Moreover, in a recent interview with Bustle, April too revealed she had moved on from Jake and was dating an “older” Austin-based real estate broker. She called it a “fairytale relationship” with him.

“He just has his s**t together and treats me like a queen. Everything is just so picture-perfect, it’s almost too good to be true. I have absolutely no complaints about him. He’s my absolute best friend, he’s the male version of me. I love this man from head to toe. Literally, I’m so happy and I’m so thankful that we crossed paths,” the star gushed.

Meet April’s boyfriend Cody Cooper

Cody, who has over 18,000 Instagram followers, is a broker and the owner of Sprout Realty, a Texas-based real estate services company.

His Instagram bio states that he is also the co-owner of Kwik Rip, a nicotine products company.

KwikRip’s website reveals that it was founded in 2020 following the popularization of vape products across America.

Looking at Cody’s posts on the photo-sharing platform, we can tell he is an outdoorsy person.

How did it end for April and Jake on The Ultimatum

At the start of the show, April gave her then-boyfriend Jake the ultimatum. She explained that she was ready for marriage and kids, but Jake wasn’t.

The cast member voiced that he’d recently gotten out of the army and wanted to enjoy life while also becoming financially stable before having children and a family.

Jake thought that April was a little selfish and wasn’t focusing on what he needed from the relationship.

Over the course of the show, Jake formed a connection with Rae, who arrived with Isaiah. While it looked like things were going great for the two, Jake eventually reunited with April, only for them to end things once and for all.

Our Great National Parks | Final Trailer | Netflix

Our Great National Parks | Final Trailer | Netflix

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