Are Kayla Morton and Boosted still together in 2021?

Are Kayla Morton and Boosted still together in 2021?

Street Outlaws stars Kayla Morton and Boosted have sparked split rumors, after she began posting photos on Instagram without him.

The speculation has been doing the rounds, while Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings‘ and Team Attack latest season airs on Discovery every Monday night.

Reality Titbit previously reported that Kayla and Boosted live together in Texas, along with their two children, Austin and Cooper.

However, this may no longer be the case as there is no sign of Boosted in any of the racer’s recent photos. We found out if they are still together.

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Kayla and Boosted: Timeline

Kayla and Boosted (Chris Hamilton) raced against each other one time on the show – and despite Kayla’s efforts, Chris won.

They already knew each other within the street racing industry, and began dating shortly after she was invited by Big Chief to star on Street Outlaws.

It wasn’t long before they got into a relationship, and began living together in Texas. They later had two sons Austin and Cooper.

Are Kayla and Boosted together?

No, a source close to the couple confirmed that they are no longer together.

A Reddit user revealed that their husband was talking to Boosted about something else in June, when his relationship with Kayla was brought up.

Several fans have been guessing that they may have split due to Kayla “getting sick of the NPK hate”, as she didn’t appear to be racing for a while.

Things seem to have switched now, as Kayla has been racing, while Boosted has been absent from Street Outlaws in recent months.

She also appears to have removed any photos of Boosted from her IG page.

Have the race drivers moved on?

There are rumors that Chris could potentially now be dating another woman, but this is unconfirmed by the Street Outlaws star.

Neither of them have posted any pictures with any new potential romantic partners, but have also completely wiped their pages of each other.

One Reddit user said: “in the beater bomb vs boostedgt video he was clearly hanging out with a woman that isn’t Kayla.”

So no, there are no confirmations that either of them have moved on. It’s likely they still often see each other as they share the same children.



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