The 1000-lb Sisters’ weight loss journey have been followed by TLC for a while now, but fans are wondering if they are still alive.

Tammy and Amy Slaton began to share their lives with viewers from January 2020, as they embarked on a diet and exercise regime.

Hoping to qualify for weight loss surgery, it’s been a year since the pair decided that they want to turn their lives around.

So, are the 1000-lb Sisters still alive? Let’s find out whether there is any truth behind the concerns that some fans are experiencing…

Screenshot: Amy and Tammy See a Psychic | 1000-lb Sisters, TLC Youtube

Fans show concern towards Tammy and Amy

Although it has become a regular worry about whether the sisters are still alive, it seems that fans are mostly concerned about Tammy.

Looking on Twitter, several viewers are shocked that Tammy is still alive due to her regaining the weight she lost.

As Amy’s pregnancy is being followed, there are some fans who are concerned about whether she will regain the weight due to cravings.

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Why do 1000-lb Sisters fans have doubts?

Most of the worries surrounding if Tammy and Amy are still alive came from Tammy being told she had an 80 per cent chance of dying.

She was told by Dr Proctor that she could die in the next five years, as she gained back a lot of the weight she had initially lost.

Tammy is also regularly seen on Tiktok with a breathing tube to help her with her oxygen intake, which fans have become concerned about.

Amy’s pregnancy lead-up is being followed on TLC, with her telling a psychic she could die due to getting pregnant soon after weight loss surgery.

They also scared fans back in 2015, when Amy shared a video to YouTube of her crying, revealing that Tammy’s condition had gotten worse.

She stated in the video that she had set up a “GoFundMe account”, which “will be for Tammy’s funeral if she dies”.

Are the 1000-lb Sisters still alive?

  • Yes

Both Tammy and Amy regularly share updates on social media, and there have been no confirmations of any rumoured deaths.

It is likely that TLC would have made an announcement if any deaths had taken place, with the series still being aired on their platform.

Amy has been sharing updates on her YouTube channel, where she talks about getting a C-section and her “miracle” son’s health.

It looks like her pregnancy went smoothly, and that Amy is well.

Tammy’s recent video was the trick or treat challenge, which was uploaded two weeks ago, however she is most active on TikTok.

She posted a video on there just under an hour ago, at the time of writing. It doesn’t appear that Tammy has gotten weight loss surgery yet.



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