Austin appeared on Dr. Pimple Popper, hoping to remove a birthmark underneath his eye. So what happened to the TLC patient?

He is one of several patients who turn to Dr. Sandra Lee, usually with a cyst, zit or skin issue that they want her help in removing surgically.

Last week, we saw Lattyse head to the doctor’s clinic in a bid to get a cyst removed. On the September 8th episode, Austin wants to change his life.

After being bullied for his birth mark, he is ready to get rid of it once and for all. Viewers may be wondering where the TLC star is following filming.

Who is Austin on Dr. Pimple Popper?

Austin is a husband, and father to an eight-month-old daughter.

He revealed that his wife is the first person who made him feel good about himself, after previously being called “booger eye” and “scarface” by bullies.

For Austin’s entire life, he is felt really insecure, but the one person that doesn’t make him feel that way is his wife Courtney.

The TLC star now wants to be the “happy person that his daughter needs”, which explains why he has set foot in Dr. Sandra Lee’s clinic.

Austin’s story on Dr. Pimple Popper

Austin revealed that when he was born, his birth mark appeared as “just like a little coffee stain” on his face.

He explained the birth mark kept growing as he got older.

When asked by Dr. Sandra Lee if he ever got a diagnosis, he said that he would be told it was a birth mark.

She said that marks like this “absolutely can be emotionally scarring, because this is something that defines him now”.

The doctor then added that these can be difficult to remove.

TLC: What happened to Austin?

Dr. Sandra Lee diagnosed Austin’s birthmark as an epidermal nevus.

An epidermal nevus is usually caused by an overgrowth of the epidermis, with lesions either present at birth or are developed during childhood.

She posed two options to Austin: either to remove it and put stitches in, which could risk pulling on his eye, or shaving it down to shrink the mark.

The TLC doctor said:

Shaving it off has the lowest, short-term complications, but there’s always the risk of this growing back. If that’s the case, we may have to eventually do the more complicated procedure.

Austin was worried that she could accidentally poke a scalpel into his eye, which may cause him to go blind – but with her experience, it’s unlikely.



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