Monday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise was filled with a lot of drama, tears, and an almost kiss. Romeo’s current situation with Jill is not looking bright after he tried kissing Brittany before the rose ceremony.

Romeo Alexander didn’t have the best of luck when trying to find a partner. Trying to pursue many of them at once, the Bachelor gave his attention to Jill Chin, after picking Kira Mengistu in the season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise.

Nonetheless, the star attempted kissing Brittany Galvin ahead of the rose ceremony, and the star ‘dodged’ him. This left Jill enraged, and she asked him to “at least have a little bit of respect for me”.

Rejected not once but twice

Romeo’s trying to find his Juliet and is open to getting to know many candidates in Bachelor in Paradise. Despite showing his interest in Jill, the star seemed to have taken his shot at Brittany – but didn’t succeed.

After attempting to kiss Brittany and being rejected, the star was left with the disappointed reaction of Jill. She asked him to have “a little bit of respect” as both were getting to know each other.

When Romeo tried to explain himself, Jill said to have “zero interest” in his excuses and walked away, ending their romance on the island feeling to have wasted her time on him.

The star then went to the confessional and told the cameras teary-eyed she had been “bamboozled” by the star.

Ahead of the rose ceremony, the 33-year-old tried to reconcile with her. Jill was still hurt by him and held him accountable for going after Brittany. She claimed it was “right in front of my face.”

Fans react to Brittany dodging Romeo’s kiss

Following the dramatic conversation between Romeo and Jill, the BIP star wanted to make it up to her. After she “firmly shut” the door and confessed to not trusting “anything you say”, Romeo was the one left bamboozled this time.

Fans of the show took to Twitter to express their admiration for Brittany for dodging Romeo’s kiss, instantly becoming a favorite Islander on the show.

Others couldn’t believe Romeo’s tears after he began crying after receiving negative feedback from his co-stars. Nonetheless, what seemed to have bothered the star was getting rejected by Jill.

Viewers have to wait until the next episode to see the full scene. In the meantime, these were the best reactions to that ‘dodged’ scenario.

Romeo’s drama isn’t troubling Brandon and Serene

Brandon and Neil are on cloud nine, and no one can make them come down from there. The duo instantly connected after their first date and have become inseparable ever since.

On Monday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Brandon found the iconic ring Neil Lane threw onto the beach after Michelle famously dumped him for another man in the finale of the series. I guess it will now have another owner and a new recipient.

As the drama became the main highlight of the episode, the couple didn’t have much screen time. This left fans asking the show to “start focusing on the actual couples” as they root for the duo to have an “endgame” finale and leave together.



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