Did Bambi and Scrappy get a divorce? LAHH split rumors unpicked!
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Did Bambi and Scrappy get a divorce? LAHH split rumors unpicked!

Bambi and Scrappy’s relationship has been rocky, as seen on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Since the ‘divorce’ word came up, fans are worried.

The reality series has shone a light on the love and marriage issues within the hip hop music industry, as they try to juggle their careers and home life.

Fan favorite couple Bambi and Scrappy seem to be on the rocks at the moment, and she has even brought up a possible divorce from him.

As we already know, the current LAHH season was filmed some time ago, so Reality Titbit got the latest gossip on whether they made it work or not.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta – Super Trailer

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta – Super Trailer

Bambi and Scrappy talk ‘divorce’

Bambi told her co-stars that she told Scrappy it’s a good idea if they “probably” get a divorce, before they have a big disagreement about rent.

They both start shouting at each other, saying they do not like each other’s energy, when Bambi tells him to go.

He responds by questioning, “So go where I pay rent?”, which Bambi replies to by saying he still has to pay it whether he is there or not.

It comes some time after Momma Dee previously said the couple were heading for a divorce in earlier episodes.

Did Bambi and Scrappy get a divorce?

  • No, the couple still appear to be married

Despite their differences, and facing some marital issues, Instagram says otherwise regarding a potential divorce between them.

Just a few weeks ago, Bambi and Scrappy seemed pretty loved-up in a recent picture, and continue to wear their wedding rings.

We already know that LAHH films way before the season launches, so it looks like they worked through their issues and are stronger than ever.

Bambi thanked Scrappy for a “much-needed getaway”, suggesting he may have treated her as a way to let off some steam on a couple’s vacation.

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LAHH: Bambi and Scrappy’s timeline

Before Bambi appeared on LAHH, Scrappy was having an on-off relationship with his baby mom Erica Dixon.

Then, when Bambi and Scrappy started dating, they had some relationship issues, such as his mother interfering and his alleged hotel stay with Erica.

This led to Bambi breaking up with him, until Scrappy managed to win her over, ultimately leading to her forgiveness.

It wasn’t long before they got married and had two children, and recently a baby girl, after he proposed to her in front of their families on LAHH!



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